Boost Your Winter Wellness With A Handy Bespoke Vitamin Programme


Boost your winter wellness with a handy bespoke vitamin programme.

Feeling under par? We’re not surprised.Endless grey skies, biting temperatures and long, dark evenings can sap your energy and lower your immunity, leaving you lethargic and susceptible to winter coughs and colds. Or maybe it’s your fitness motivation that’s wearing thin – perhaps after trying to lose weight or train for a sportive but not seeing the results you expected. Whatever your reason for not feeling on top of your game, a high-quality supplement regime is the ideal way to get your health and fitness back on track.So what’s the best way to go about it?Choosing the right supplements can seem confusing. Some work best when consumed together (vitamin C aids iron absorption, for example), others are more efficient when taken in a specific format (it’s advisable to take vitamin D’As D3), or perhaps your diet is already sufficient in certain nutrients, so supplementation isn’t even necessary. İt may feel like a minefield, but fortunately, expert help is on hand.

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Vitamin specialist Convenient Vitamins has created a free lifestyle survey with Dr Sam Knight, nutritional advisor Sammy Dinshaw and PT Jess Anderson to help you identify the best supplements for your wellbeing goals. Simply log on to convenient, key in your sex, age, height, weight and tick up to four goals – for example, weight-loss, immune support, heart health and beauty concerns – and the calculator will design the ideal regime for you. All you need to do is make sure you take them regularly When it comes to sticking to a supplement regime, we often start well, but taper off after a few weeks – few of us have time to worry about taking lots of different supplements – but Convenient Vitamins has the ideal solution. Once you’ve chosen your regime, you’ll be sent a box of pre-packed, single-use, daily sachets every 28 days, leaving you free to concentrate on living that happier, healthier lifestyle.


You can also design your own Convenient Vitamins supplement regime or, if you prefer an ‘off the peg’ solution, choose from one of nine pre-packed boxes, including the Health & Fitness pack (for immune support, healthy cholesterol levels, strong bones and lower blood pressure); the Beauty pack (to aid collagen formation, healthy hair growth and reduce oxidative stress); the İmmunity Support pack (perfect for if you sometimes struggle to eat a well-balanced diet); and the Women’s Health pack (with nutrients that are especially important for women). In fact, whatever your health, beauty or fitness concern, Convenient Vitamins has a solution. THE CONVENİENT VİTAMİNS PROMISE

The most convenient way to take daily vitamins. Honest advice, the finest-quality ingredients and the best-quality service. All supplements sourced from the UK and meet GMP standards.


Choose your ideal route to wellness:Take the free Convenient Vitamins Lifestyle Survey for a bespoke supplement regime specific to your goals (from Health and Fitness, Beauty, Women’s Health, Weight Management and İmmunity Support packs available at convenient

Create your own tailor- made pack from more than 50 vitamins, minerals, herbs and superfoods (including time-defying Collagen, joint-healthy Omega 3 Fish Oil and restorative antioxidant Green Tea and Cranberry Extracts).Choose an expertly curated supplement regime pre-prepared to meet your exact health and fitness requirements (from £22.99 for 28 days’ supply).Choose supplements based on your health concern.

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