Braid with a Twist Hairstyles

Hello hola Bonjour today I’m going to be showing you a really cool and romantic feminine braid I’m going to romantic right. So, I saw this hairstyle on Instagram, I followed this brilliant photographer her name is genre Mosca and she’s absolutely beautiful and she was, I think in Moscow and she was wearing this incredible dress with open back and weak embellished flowers and she was wearing her hair and it’s really simple but beautiful braids. So pretty much she had kind of the sides twisted from both sides and then you know there was the braid it looked incredible and when, I thought, I was like, I must recreate this for myself and to obviously show you guys as well now to see how to create this incredible braid keep on reading alright.

So you’re gonna be needing a few simple hair tools for this hairstyle one of the most important thing is a teasing brush also some hair elastics you can’t really see them and I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions because for this hairstyle, I definitely need all the volume and thickness, I can get the first thing I’m gonna do is just tease the hair here at the crown of my head if you don’t want you tease you here you can skip that step but, I think it just makes a huge difference. So I’m just gonna take my brush and I’m not even using any hairspray cuz I’m just gonna be lightly teasing it just to create just a little bit of volume cuz it’s a bit flat up there. So we’re just gonna quickly do it kind of not paying attention to too much if I’m doing it properly or not just really fast just take the brush go up and down no sectioning required throw it back maybe pick up just a little bit of hair on the sides just gonna do one more here and that’s really it I’m gonna take my brush now and just smooth out this hair the first thing I’m gonna do I’m gonna actually section this side banks cuz, I want to keep them out but you can also twist them if you want and I’m gonna take the first section here at my left and I’m gonna twist it and then what I’m gonna do next is add a section to it from the bottom.

So the section that’s right under it and then I’m gonna continue twisting and then I’m gonna add another section and keep twisting it. So this is pretty much the whole process and you want to twist it all the way back and down. So add a section twist it now once, I get to the end of the twist I’m just gonna grab my elastic and I’m just gonna secure this twist with an elastic now I’m going to go ahead and do the exact same thing on my right side.

So I’m just gonna grab a section and then twist it first add a section underneath keep twisting it if you have long hair make sure it doesn’t get tangled as you twist it. So just run your fingers through the hair and then add another section and do it all the way back and secure the ends with an elastic again this is a beautiful hairstyle on its own. So you can either stop here and it would be like sort of a twisted ponytail or you can go all the way and do the braid and that’s actually the hardest part because if you have long hair and you’re braiding back you know it gets a little bit tiring for the arms.

So I’m going to go all the way and show you how to do the braid now I’m going to take this right twist and this is going to act like section one the hair in the middle will be section two and the hair the twist and the in the left is going to be section three I’m going to take these three strands and I’m gonna start doing a regular braid now first it’s easy but as you go down it becomes harder. So when my arms start hurting I’m gonna bring it to the side and finish the braid on the side and I’m just gonna finish the braid on the side I’m just gonna secure the ends with an elastic we’re not finished yet I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna start Fany on the braid because that’s gonna make the biggest of the difference you know it’s gonna make the braid looks twice as big. So I’m just gonna go back and I’m just gonna grab each section and slowly and carefully start pulling it out and you hear silos done all right.

So that’s it for today I’m gonna post a link to the original photo down below. So just check the info box the information will be there let me know how you like this hairstyle down below leave me a comment, I love reading your comments like this post share this post and comment for more awesome hair tutorials thank you. So much for tuning and, I love you guys.

So much and I’ll see you soon bye hello hola and once your wigs look, I thought, I had everyone one what it didn’t cuz it’s like you’re speaking different labels watch can you feel the love, I can feel the love okay that was kind of weird Hey.

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