Braided Hairstyles for Curly Hair Tutorial

Hey everyone, Kayley here, with my first ever tutorial for curly and wavy hair. I wanted to start things off with some easy bohemian hairstyles. I think you guys are gonna love these. Let’s get right into it. For this braided half-up do, the first thing you’re gonna do is take a section of hair from over your ear on each side. Then you’re gonna braid that section all the way down and hold your place with a bobby pin. Once you braid it all the way down, you can pull the hair apart for some extra volume if you want. And then you’re gonna take one braid and sweep it over the top of your head and pin it in place on the other side.

Then grab the other braid that’s left hanging down and sweep it over the top as well. You’re gonna tuck the end of that braid either underneath the braid or underneath some hair on the other side of your head depending on how long your hair is. And then make sure that the ends on the other side are hidden as well. Once you’ve pinned all those in place, this hairstyle is done. This a great way to augment your curls if you’re having a great curl day and you just want to throw some more braids on top of it, this isn’t gonna disturb your curls at all, but it is gonna really add in some extra bohemian flair. So next we have this twisted braid.

Braided Hairstyles for Curly Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

For your first step you’re gonna take a section of hair from your hairline and twist it back. If you want, you can loosen up the twist to show off that natural curly texture. And then you’re gonna pin it in place in the back. For step two, you’re gonna repeat the same thing on the other side, layering the second twist over the end of the first. And then for step three you’re gonna do one more twist on the original side and then pin that in place making sure that you’re covering the bobby pins from the second twist as well. And finally, all you’re gonna do is braid the rest of the hair normally and secure it with an elastic.

You can also pull it apart gently for a little bit more volume and to really show off that curly texture. And that’s it for this hairstyle. It’s a great way to get those curls up and out of your way without being the same old boring braid or ponytail. And finally, we have this crown braid. First you’re gonna split your hair into three sections. Then you’re gonna braid each section, keeping the base of each braid as close as to the ear as possible, because you know there is three sections and only two ears, you will have two braids on one side. I’ve got two on my left side. For step three, you’re going to pin all the braids in place.

I took the back braid from my left side and swept it over the top of my head and pinned it in place. Then I took the braid from my right side, swept it over the top of my head and pinned that in place, making sure that as I did that, the ends were hidden by the braid. Finally, I took my second braid from the left side and swept it across the back so that it made it look like the braid went all the way around the head. Once that was pinned in place, this up-do is done. This is a great thing to do if you’re having a bad hair day. You can even brush your hair out and put it into a nice tight braids and put it all up into this crown braid. It’s gonna look great and nobody’s gonna know that you started off the day with a bad hair day. And that’s it for these hairstyles for curly and wavy hair. I hope that you guys enjoyed that. Let me know in the comments below what hairstyles you’d like to see next for curly hair. And I’ll see you in my next Post. Love, bye.

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