Braided On One Side Hairstyles 

Think about this….the process of straightening the hair requires that you put oil and a tool that is hot enough to seriously burn your skin on to your hair. Have you ever heard a sizzling sound when you pressed or flat ironed your hair? Have you ever considered what is actually happening when you hear that sizzle? What do you think is happening to your hair…especially on the inside? Just because you can’t see the damage, doesn’t mean that damage is not occurring to your hair shaft as well as to the ends of your hair.

Braided On One Side Hairstyles  Photo Gallery

Bubble Hair. Styling processes like blow drying reduce the moisture content of the hair shaft below its normal level which can be harmful.

Hair dryers and other heated appliances first soften the keratin of the hair. If they are too hot, they can actually cause the water in the hair to boil producing tiny bubbles of steam that form inside the softened hair shaft. This causes the hair to weaken and could contribute to breakage.

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