Teyana was publicly embarrassed when the Detroit Pistons point guard claimed Lashontae Heckard as his first real relationship. According to Teyana, she and Brandon were once a hot item and about to do that slow strut to the altar. What’s worse (read: messy) is that Teyana and Tae used to be close And after the singer aired out Tae and the n 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, BJ tweeted time to Let it go. Ouch. It seems like everyone has picked up the pieces and moved on. Tae and BJ are expecting their first child. See page 60.


Since many first-timers visit a beauty spa because they have received a visit as a gift, Spa Finder is a good stop to make on the Internet, not only for information, but also to find a beauty spa-related gift to give. You can survey the landscape and become acquainted with what to expect during your first visit, but you will also find timely information on deals that enable you to stretch the value of the dollars you plan to spend. We were never given money for nothing by our parents if we wanted something we had to work damn hard for it. We collected cans, delivered papers, mowed neighbours’ lawns, did jobs for our aunties. Growing up in that environment instilled in me the idea that if you had a goal, if you made a plan and stuck to it, you could succeed and be rewarded. It also showed me that there were options and choices available. My parents were never great verbal communicators (just a sign of the times, perhaps) but through their own actions, through leading by example, they taught me that with hard work and dedication, you could build a pretty good lifestyle for yourself and your family. We lived in a two-storey house and had a swimming pool, so we were probably considered pretty well-off compared with other families in town. My parents must have been doing okay to keep us five girls in shoes, and although Mum still sewed all our clothes by hand (matching outfits!), we never went without anything we really needed. Dad was really handy around the house, an original DIYer.

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