Increase your metabolism by jumping into a freezing cold bath first thing in the morning. Within a few minutes, your blood and lymph circulation will increase, and the production of white blood cells will increase, destroying circulating toxins. Only do this if you are fit and healthy.


I was irritated and embarrassed: Why do you act like you do, Jimmy? I asked with irritation. He looked at me steadily though slate-grey eyes, smoke drifting out his nostrils. His face took a serious turn. Ah’ll tell ye. We all, ye all, we all act sa bloody serious. Concerned about how hard we are, how cool we are. It’s aw shite. It’s aw bollocks. People need a clown ta take their minds and eyes oot of the inside of their own backsides. And ah need to laugh at them all to take my mind off all ma bullshit and all the crap in ma life.

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