Breaking Bad Eating Habits In Toddlers


Let your Eating Disorder Self respond to your good-bye letter. You don’t have to respond right away, but it is best to do so within a few days. Let it write back and give you reasons why you shouldn’t say good-bye. It might threaten you or scare you, make several arguments about why you won’t be okay without it, and try to convince you it is still necessary. It might take awhile to learn how best to challenge your Eating Disorder Self, so doing this assignment at various times during recovery will help illuminate the reasons your Eating Disorder Self still thinks you need it around.


You never want your Eating Disorder Self to have the last word if you can help it, so do the best you can to combat whatever the Eating Disorder Self said about your good-bye letter.

(Tip: Remember, try not to become hostile or abusive toward your Eating Disorder Self. Talk to your EDS like you would a friend whom you are trying to help.)


We have never met a client who did not have a Healthy Self. Some are weaker or more buried than others, but even if you doubt it, you have one. Doing these assignments might feel strange or silly, but they will help you realize the strength and power you actually have the same strength and power you have to help others, but haven’t been able to find for yourself. It took awhile for your Eating Disorder Self to take over, so be patient. It will take awhile for your Healthy Self to get back in control. Continuing to try, doing the assignments, and asking for help are monumental steps in the process. The next section of the worksecrets, Key 3, provides you with exercises and assignments to take you further by helping you understand and work with the various factors that helped cause or contribute to your eating disorder.


Even though your relationship with food has taken over your life, and normalizing your eating is essential for recovery, simply creating a meal plan or gaining weight won’t cure an eating disorder Consistent monitoring and control of your behaviors can help you gain weight or stop the binge-and-purge cycle, and that is an important piece of recovery, but for most this is not enough to guarantee lasting results

If you have an eating disorder, there are many factors that have come together to make this happen. In order to increase your awareness and understanding of what may have caused or contributed to your eating disorder, this Key explores your psychological issues, biological vulnerabilities, relationships, and life experiences, which can help you address any issues you have in these areas.

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