Bridal Bootcamp Anyone?

Bridal Bootcamp Anyone?

NubegInnIngs, Devon Tis boutique bootcamp has long been touted as the country’s best for weight loss, so we were super- excited to dip in a toe (or rather, our unsculpted bodies). Staying in this pretty location in Ilfracombe is no hardship it’s fve-star pampering all the way. But you have to exercise Hard.

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No two days are the same in the morning, you might do a workout on the beach; in the afernoon, yoga Pilates or Zumba. Tere are also hikes galore, which will burn of serious calories, but you’ll be so distracted by the stunning coast and countryside you won’t notice the steepness of the hills.

Yes, you’ll ache, but because they take a holistic approach here, you’ll have massages to keep you limber, as well as hypnotherapy to help with any diet and exercise demons. As you’d expect, the food is über-healthy, but there’s no scrabbling for scraps you get three gourmet meals and two satisfying snacks a day. And our favourite thing about this bootcamp is that there’s no shouting.

Bridal Bootcamp Anyone?

You’ll leave feeling nudged, nurtured and challenged and extra- confdent about that dress ftting. The ResulT It works. We lost half a stone in a week. Boom! book İta week-long stay costs from £2,514 (01271 862 792, Book train tickets at Brides exclusive offer For a 15% discount during January and February 2015, quote ‘Brides’ when making your booking.

If you’re a ‘no pain, no gain’ kind of girl, sign up here. Te regime at Team Bootcamp is tough – a 6am wake-up call followed by six hours of rigorous exercise led by ex-military trainers (yes, they are shouty), with a mixture of circuits, weights, boxing and running. Training days are interspersed with recovery periods so that you don’t burn out too quickly. But be warned: these ‘rest’ days are far from restful. As soon as breakfast is over, you’ll be of on a 13-mile hike, with yoga or Pilates in the afernoon to stretch those burning muscles.

Bridal Bootcamp Anyone?

You’ll follow a strict Paleo diet – carbs are out, protein in. It’s all delicious, but portions are small to maximise weight loss. Tis bootcamp is not for the faint-hearted, but expect amazing results. The ResulT A whopping 11 lb lost in just one week. Weekend stay costs from £249 (01529 455 181, Brides exclusIve OffeR The first 10 readers to make a booking by 28 February 2015, quoting ‘Brides 2015’, will receive £50 off a weekend or £200 off a week-long bootcamp experience.

Run by celebrity trainer Kathryn Freeland (who has worked with stars such as Cate Blanchett), this is the one to book your gaggle of girls into for a super-healthy hen do. You’ll be circuit training amid enchanting woodland, using logs as weights, and practising yoga beside idyllic ponds. Te food is scrumptious, homegrown and, mercifully, plentiful. Best of all, there’s no rulebook, so you can enjoy a glass of champers (or two!). The ResulT This is a weekend retreat, so you’re not going to see the pounds fall off instantly; it’s more about a lifestyle change. Weekend stay costs from £395 (01233 733 997, Brides exclusIve OffeR Book by 31 March 2015, quoting ‘Brides Offer’, and you’ll get a 20% discount on a private weekend for up to 10 guests (subject to availability).

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