Bridal Experts Share How to Add That Extra Special Touch Without Spending Anything

1‘Dress up your reception tables with old wedding photos of family members and VIPs. You’ll get guests talking and spread the love.’2‘Onemonthbefore your wedding, collect fowers and hang them up to dry.

Bridal Experts Share How to Add That Extra Special Touch Without Spending Anything Photo Gallery

When they’re done, you can use them as fower confetti for guests to toss afer the ceremony.’3 ‘The besT way To creaTe a perfect Day ThaT’s all you? Write your oWn vows. Feel Free To be as Funny – or as soppy – as you wanT.4 ‘I love it when brides break out the family heirlooms.

Not only does using Grandma’s clutch or Mum’s veil cut costs, it makes the whole day more meaningful.’5 Use paint sample ards as your escort cards. Tey’re free at any DIY store – just grab a bunch in your colour palette and either handwrite guests’ names or tape each card to letter-size paper and run them through a printer.’6‘ There is so much cute – and free – printable stationery online. Bribe your bridesmaids (wine helps!) to give you a hand with sending them.’7 Get personal with your guests by leaving handwritten notes at every place setting. So sweet – and totally worth the efort.’

8‘Want togeteveryone on the dancefoor? Ask guests to choose their favourite song on the RSVP card. Tey’ll go nuts when their song is played at the reception.9‘here’s one for the crafty girls: send a fabric square to guests and ask them to write a message on iT. Stitch them all inTo a quilt and hang it at the reception.10 ‘Why0notturnthewalk from the ceremony to the reception into a parade? Have the band lead the way for you and your guests. The pictures – and the moment – will be priceless.’

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