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Thanks to heavy snow, I was four hours late to my wedding and half our guests didn’t even make it! We nearly had to cancel, but our venue (Fetcham Park) was amazing. Incredibly, not one of our suppliers let us down. I got there at 3.45pm and was changed into my dress and at the church by 4pm. It sounds a nightmare – but actually, it didn’t ruin the day for me at all, and I wouldn’t change it now. Oh, and I was also six months pregnant…’ Laura Young married Paul Caudery on 18th December 2010

Not only was our beautiful church covered in scaffolding, but there was a torrential downpour the day before the wedding – water leaked through the marquee roof and seeped through the floor. We had to dig trenches to drain it! On the day itself, the carpet was replaced and tables reset. The rain eased but kept falling, so the sides of our marquee stayed down – not what I’d planned. But with all the guests enclosed and a really amazing DJ and saxophonist, we had a rocking party that’s still a talking point for friends.1 Alice Hart married James Ahlberg on 7th July 2012

We got married the week of the London riots, and to keep their premises safe from the mobs, our local drycleaners decided to shut on the day of our wedding! My bridesmaids’ dresses were being pressed, and it seemed like it wasn’t going to be possible to actually get to them! Eventually, at the 11th hour, we begged them to open – and they did. but many of our guests had missing suits for the day, as they were in similar situations! Even so, it didn’t detract from what was simply the best day of our lives.’ Eva Harvey married David Levinson on 12 th August 2011

Everything went swimmingly until our venue, which had previously said we could have caterers for the evening, then refused to serve the food! I was in floods of tears, until… they offered to serve bottomless champagne for the rest of the night! They also whipped up some canapes from nowhere, so guests were none the wiser they had a fabulous time with all the free booze. Also, my husband and I had meals ready in the freezer for us when we got back from honeymoon, so it worked out for the best!1 Vikki Oke married Bola Koshuni on 3rd August 2002

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