Bridal Hairstyles For Round Faces


Less than a generation ago, no one had even heard of a pool villa’ – but these days, for honeymooners, they are de rigueur. So why are they so special?

And what should you ask for? We’ve got it covered with these simple rules…

Number one: Assertain how priuate they are. Some are uery priuate while others can be easily overlooked by the people in the next villa.

Number two: Don’t just dismiss them as out of your budget range – many are quite affordable, for example Bandara Villas in Phuket or Samaya Bali (both in the Romance of I ndulgence’ section).

Number three: How big is the pool? Is it a tiny Jacuzzi pool, a cooling-off plunge pool, a lap pool or full-on infinity pool?

There are so many different types of pool v illa to choose from but all of them offer something really special. A straw poll around the office says the very best ones are to be found suspended over water in the Maldives, where you can have one toe in the pool and the other in the ocean!

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