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Smell is the most magical of all the senses.

It’s hugely complicated – there isn’t a lot of knowledge out there about how smell works, and the science isn’t exactly user-friendly, but it comes down to memory.

Synthetic versus natural?

Modern perfumery has made incredible strides, thanks to synthetic notes, says Camille.

Many natural ingredients are often affected by weather and seasons, so prices fluctuate. Natural scents can also be a little overpowering, whereas synthetic notes can be more controlled. Find a perfume that contains a balance of both.

person you once loved, hurl you into powerful visions of a specific time and place, and all the emotions that surround that memory come back in a flash.

Light top notes, like citrus and fresh spices, are energising. Vanilla, on the other hand, evokes a velvety sensuality that makes you feel feminine’

When you find a scent that transports you, you’ve got something special. Fragrance is intensely private, and any emotional connection that you feel to a certain scent is going to make wearing it an intimate experience. It’s lovely to experiment with new perfumes and trends, but there’s something to be said for the emotional aspect of fragrance. Don’t ever ignore how a perfume makes you feel.

My memories are attached to spices and woody scents. When I was growing up, my mom, who was an artist, always cooked with lashings of heady, exotic spices and so I relish that sort of aroma – to me, it epitomises elegance and allure.

A fragrance will always appeal to your unique taste, but regardless of individual preference, I do think it’s crucial to choose a perfume with a careful balance of its woody notes – they can be overpowering.

It’s wonderful when you can pick up a variety of notes in a single bottle – a perfumer can really go all out with loads of ingredients in a single fragrance, but the secret is balance: how a series of exquisite notes play off each other.

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