Sheer pink is a pretty choice for your nails. It looks fresh and is easy to touch up. Even if it chips, it won’t be noticeable. Treat yourself to a manicure (and a pedicure, especially if you are going on a beach honeymoon).

BRIDAL NAILS Photo Gallery

Billy had taken a dislike to Bell and started beseeching the rest of us to leave him behind somewhere. We were drinking in the Unity – a dark noisy pub, a grim survivor of the wartime blitzing of Plymouth, an old building among modern blocks. Phil and Starling decided to go back early, refusing to take Bell with them, leaving him with Billy and me; Bell was rubber-limbed and near incoherent by that time. Billy turned on Bell and berated him, slapping him, poking him, trying to provoke him. Bell sat swaying on his chair with a bovine expression on his face. I told Billy to leave him alone. Billy sulked, Bell swayed and grinned. I went to the toilets. When I returned, Bell was gone. Billy was still there waiting for me.

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