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Braid Girl!: Bonus

Time saver trick: Micro braiding can take a good braider up to 24 hours to complete. Another way to achieve a micro braid look in half the time can be accomplished through a process known as Micro weaving. In this process; pre-braided tracks are sewn into the back of client’s hair and then micro braids are braided around the clients hair to hide the tracks. This style is unbeweavable!!!!!

Cornrows (or French braids) are three strand braids braided in a single formation attached to the scalp. Cornrows are a very fun and functional hair style that can be gathered in ways. They are also a great transitional alternative when in between styles. For more dimensions, try various parts to create designs. Create Bob Styles by adding multiple rows onto client’s scalp. This style is great for the hair because the look remains in one formation during the entire duration of the braided style.

Traditional Cornrows

Traditional Cornrows can be applied for male and female cornrow styles. Braid time can be 1-2 hours depending on style.

Author’s Note: Combing out parted section of hair will make braiding easier.

Step 1: Part desired section of hair.

Step 2: At beginning of cornrow, create 2 sections.

Step 3: For third section grab and equal size amount of hair from the part, pull it over the left strand. The hair that was on the left is now incorporated into the center parted section of hair.

Step 4: Take an equal size from the part and pull that over the right section. The section that was on the right is now incorporated into the parted section of hair.

Step 5: Continue this process. Keep alternating from left to right until the cornrow is complete.

Step 6: Once reached the end of the parted hair, continue braiding client’s natural hair unattached from scalp. Secure braid with rubber band so ends will not come a loose.

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