What was the brief for the project? Was there an inherent theme?

Smita Khanna: It was complex, because we weren’t designing for a client who was to use the space. We had to work with a broad guideline that would appeal to young people looking to buy a vacation house in Alibaug, near Mumbai. Hemant Purohit: As a practice, we are conscious about how the structure responds to weather conditions. The result here is rooted in this philosophy while maximising the available area.

What was the brief for the project? Was there an inherent theme? Photo Gallery

We took turns: one of us did the early showing and the other two went to the late showing. Setting up the film meant hand-winding the reels back to the beginning and then threading the film through the ancient projector, testing, focusing, setting up the speaker and putting out the chairs. Finishing at 4.00 p.m. gave ten minutes to get showered and changed, and 20 minutes to get everything ready. I could shower in two minutes, even if covered in grime, scrubbing myself fiercely with a stiff bristle brush under the tepid flow of water. The first film show was for the eight-to-twelve watch-keepers, the third officer and the fourth engineer, the twelve-to-four watch-keepers, the second officer and the third engineer and any day-workers who had been given an early finish for some reason. The second showing was for the four-to-eight watch-keepers, the captain and chief engineer and the majority of day-workers. The sparks and the chief steward came into whichever one they wanted.

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