Brow dyeing techniques

Brow dyeing techniques


1 Painted Eyebrows: In addition to coloring, freshening and reshaping the natural eyebrows, it is possible to draw or draw certain types of eyebrows onto the drafted natural eyebrows. If you are looking at natural hair styling

If you give it away, it can be done carefully with short, light missing strokes to avoid a flat painted image.

2 Crepe Hair Scrubs: Crepe hair can be added to natural eyebrows or applied on drafted eyebrows. When we use the hair to fill the natural eyebrows, add the hair to the finishes with a refreshing glue and place them with a pair of tweezers. The added hair can be cut and smoothed when the refreshing glue is dry.

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When the eyebrows are squeezed with refreshing adhesive, the pancakes can be attached to the cleansing pad with all the refreshing glue or the glue still wet. If any part of the natural eyebrows is at least equal in thickness, a makeup lid covering some of the areas of the natural eyebrows may be applied after the eyelash is secure.

It is usually best to mix at least two colors for natural looking crepe-haired eyebrows. If you want the hair to have a natural sparkle, you can apply a little bit of briandin, hair styler, jelly or a single cold cream to the brow surface. If you want eyebrows that look flat, scan very carefully, remove the missing hair and cut out the irregular ones.

3 Ventilated Eyebrows: When the eyebrows are used in the right games, the prawn is more pleasing than the hair when it is used in relation to the game ball.

4 Aging the Eyebrows: In aging the eyebrows, first decide for yourself what effect you want to make, how old you are to be animated, then how best to get it. The eyebrows should reflect the characteristics of the character. They can be sparse, irregular, frequent and lush or drooping. It can be wide or narrow, thick or thin. However, age should never be seen as taken at least until it is really appropriate for the character.

You should also reflect the differences between hard-look characters and soft-look characters in character make-up.

The eyebrows can be aged quickly, and when necessary, aged with a white stick sticker, white cream bar or rod hair whitener in eyebrows. Aging can also be done with coarse white make-up or white mascara.

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