Buy Canadian-made Furniture at Aboda Decor and Design it Your Way!


Buy Canadian-made Furniture at Aboda Decor and Design it Your Way!

Any shoppers have already discovered that Aboda Decor presents an impressive display of quality made Canadian furniture. Over 80% of their 10,000-sq. ft. showroom is represented by products made in Canada. “We think it’s better to shop local, and to support Canadian manufacturing.” comments owner/ manager Colin Springgay. “A Canadian purchase supports the Canadian labour market, but more importantly, it helps support the Canadian economy,”

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Canadian made furniture is more likely to be offered in an assortment of custom colours, and materials. The quality of choices for Canada’s best manufacturers is staggering. There are nu- merous styles and creative designs. “We need to protect our heritage of making fine furniture.

With recent moods to change trade agreements with the USA, it makes it vital for Canadians to think about their shopping patterns to sustain the industry we have at home,” explains Mr. Springgay. Aboda Decor is competitive with Asian furniture imports. They offer an aggres- sive pricing on all custom orders. Aboda Decor is the right place to come to for all your furniture needs, and where we can stand up and proudly say, “it’s made in Canada.“

Inside the showroom of Aboda Decor you will find Canadian furniture for every room in the home. They have an extremely knowledge- able and friendly support staff. They can help you find your personal taste by guiding you through their showroom which hosts many decorating styles such as traditional, transitional, modern, international style, and mid century modern. These choices seem almost endless with so many leather choices, and fabric patterns, including a variety of Canadian woods and finishes. Let them assist you in a search for your personal taste, or something you’ve seen that you like. You can custom decorate through them, and they still offer an aggressive pricing strategy.

Time with family and friends is well spent when you have a welcoming place to come home to. Since 2001, Aboda Decor has delivered on the promise to be the best source for decorat- ing in the furniture business. With a dedication to customer service, you will find shopping for furniture at Aboda Decor an affordable and enjoyable Canadian experience.

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