Buzzfeed Hair Hacks Tested 10 Hair Styling Hacks

Hey guys my name’s Alana and in today’s post I’m really excited for you guys to see because, I am putting to test all of those BuzzFeed and Pinterest hair hacks I’m going to try out ten of the hair hacks that. I’ve seen on either BuzzFeed or Pinterest and see if they actually work and do what they say they do before we get started in this post, I just want to quickly say my acting skills are super cheesy. So ignore that but if you guys want to see ten hair hacks put to the test then just keep on reading okay.

So the first hair hack is brilliant we’ve all been in that position when our hair is super greasy and not even dry shampoo or baby powder will fix it and we need to wash your hair we just don’t have the time. So what, I do is section off the front section of my hair and, I just wash it in the sink and it saves. So much time.

So, I just shampoo it and then, I dry it and then, I style it too however the rest of my hair was and then just take out the ponytail in the back and my hair is fresh it looks like, I took. So much time on it and it was way quicker to do then wash the full head of hair. I’ve seen this hack all over Pinterest and it’s called the split twist and clip literally that’s all it’s called.

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So that’s what I’m doing I’m splitting my hair in the back I’m twisting both sides and then I’m twisting it a little bit more and then just pinning it into place this hairstyle actually looked really cute and like you spent a lot more time on it and it took under a minute to do, I decided to add a cute little rose gold leaf accessory but you don’t have to if you don’t want to, I just wanted to expose it up just a little bit now if you’re in a super rush and you don’t have time to even wash the front section of your hair and you have no dry shampoo another alternative is baby powder make sure you only open the lid a little bit. So not all of the powder comes out although here kind of tip on me anyways but this is an awesome hack if you have blond hair because it kind of lightens your roots because, I got real bad roots of course, I have it all over my forehead but this is great if you’re in a rush and you just need a little freshen up, I use this hack every single time, I wash my hair instead of blow-drying your hair downwards you never get volume from that and it’s super annoying. So, I always flip my hair and then blow-dry it upside down because then the hair follicle has a little bit of lift and then you don’t have to tease your hair afterwards and it just has more natural volume to it this hack is great if you get creases in your hair from a hair elastic we all hate that it’s.

So annoying to fix. So to prevent it, I picked up these little plastic scrunchies from H&M they’re super affordable. So, I just tie my hair with that and they never crease my hair which is really good but if you don’t have those laying around the house then just take a simple fabric this is a silk scarf from Zara and, I feel like bail here from Beauty and the Beast but wrap up your hair and you can sleep on this and you wake up with no creases in your hair this is gross guys but there’s.

So much hair on this brush and, I can never get it out with my hands it’s like super matted and stuck in there. So, I saw a hack that you can take a thin comb and starting from the bottom of the brush just lightly tug at it and the hair starts to come out like how satisfying is this like, I totally forgot that there were black bristles at the bottom of this brush because of how much hair is stuck on it that is so much hair blue this is another popular Pinterest hack and I’m wearing my e hair extensions in dirty blonde for this to add length you take a flat iron and you just twist your hair I’m starting to twist a little bit higher.

So that the waves start a little bit higher and I’m just adding twists as, I go down. So that, I get all of my hair twisted instead of just one big section once you secure the bottom you just take your flat iron and press it on the twist, I don’t know for how long or if you’re supposed to hold it on longer in some areas more than others but, I just kind of went with the flow and just did it until, I felt like it was enough taking it out, I don’t think it gave me the best waves ever if you want a subtle beachy wave look then, I think it did the job static in your hair no problem this trick is actually. So sweet you just take dryer sheets and an old brush or you don’t have an old brush just a normal brush and you pierce the sheet onto the brush and then you just brush your hair and instantly this static is gone but what my favorite part of this hack is your hair is left smelling unbelievable like patty had to take the brush and brush his beard after because we both are just obsessed with the smell that it leaves.

So unreal if you have static and if you want a nice smell in your hair this is an OG trick using a bobby pin with the flat side against the scalp won’t stay in very good, I do a shake test just. So that you can see the trick here is to use two bobby pins and use the ripple side against your scalp and then cross it with the other bobby pin again with the ripple side against your scalp do a nice shake and your hair is still in place and it won’t be moving this last hair hack, I recently saw but, I think it would be great if someone is learning how to braid their hair even if your arms get a little bit tired make sure you brush out your hair again I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions just for added length and you’re gonna start doing a braid or a fishtail, I decided to do a fishtail just because, I wanted to see what it looked like. I’ve never done this hack before.

So, I was really excited to do it but you’re basically going to create a fishtail or a braid all the way down but in the front. So you can definitely see what you’re doing. So if you’re new to doing this you can do it in front of a mirror and just take your time and practice but the trick here is after you’re done and secure the braid or fishtail in place you flip it over your head and, I didn’t really know how big my head is and also don’t wear rings because mine got caught and kind of pulled it out but it’s supposed to be flipped into a perfect fish to help a braid in the back, I think with time and practice it actually would work but, I think it’s a great way to practice.

So that’s it for today’s post, I hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to Like and comment to hair and if you try out any of these hair hacks or if you have one of your own don’t forget to hashtag luxy hair. So that we can see it, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and week and I’ll see you guys in the next post bye you.

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