Caitlyn Jenner

For Caitlyn Jenner, beauty has come at a very painful price. The transgender star has been so aggressive in scheduling expensive, invasive beautification procedures well before she’s let the previous batch heal that there’s barely an inch of her body not currently in pain.

An inside source says facial silicone and collagen implants have produced an especially joyless effect. Caitlyn gets a terrible stinging around her eyes 6 DECEMBER 7, 2015 and jawline if she smiles too wide or laughs too hard, explains the source, and there’s a constant tightness from the face-lifts and fillers she’s had. While Caitlyn recently announced, when collecting Glamoufs Woman of the Year award, that the hardest thing about being a woman was deciding what to wear, insiders say, in fact, her breast implants have posed a much greater challenge. She’s not used to the added weight on her chest, says a source, so it’s giving her lower back pain and ruining her posture.

The source adds that as part of an effort to adopt a feminine walk, the former world-class athlete wasted no time in procuring calf-reduction surgery to streamline her gams.

If Caitlyn wanted to get her surgeries done over the span of one or two years, advises Dr. Gerald Minniti, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who has not operated on Caitlyn, that would be safer than clumping them all together. Not to mention less painful!

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