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It’s not easy becoming female. Caitlyn Jenner’s surgeries have left her in agony, sources say and she’s turned to a specialist to ensure she doesn’t overmedicate with pills or alcohol. Her rep denies it, but an insider says, “she pays her sobriety coach $1,000 per visit, explaining that Caitlyn now uses special breathing techniques to handle pain.

Add the fact that her new life includes more boozy parties than she was used to, the source says, and “Cait figures the coaching is worth every penny.

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I had a fever attack in Freetown. The Old Man told me, with a happy face as I remember, that I had malaria and I could look forward to it being with me for the rest of my life, suffering periodic attacks. I was still expected to work though, and I lurched around the deck, sweat pouring off me in rivulets, my head hurting so much I couldn’t see, my every joint aching. Eventually, I became too weak to carry the ullage tape and collapsed outside the ship’s office. The third mate and the duty AB carried me to my cabin and lay me on my bunk and I was given the rest of the watch off. The next morning I got up and lay in the shower and wept with pain, misery and self-pity, before going out on deck. The chief mate looked at me with concern and sent me back to my cabin. I woke up three days later, as we were leaving Takoradi. I had the strength of a five-year-old and took a further two days to fully recover, but my head was better and I was as hungry as a horse. I was annoyed I had missed Tema.

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