Nerone bio-fireplace by Alessandro Canepa does not require a chimney or fuel supply system. The black epoxy resin coated carbon steel fixture utilises bioethanol that burns without creating any smoke or residue. The wall hung structure also doubles up as an art piece for the home.


CALEIDO Photo Gallery

Sometimes, in the tropics, we would show the film out on the boat deck abaft the funnel – smoking on tankers was only allowed on deck aft of the funnel. We would rig up a double sheet as the screen, stretching it as tight as we could, then set up the projector on a table. It was impossible to get every wrinkle out of the sheet and it would sway with the movement of the ship and distort the image. The projector would sway in turn, so the picture leaned first one way then the other, compressing and stretching on the moveable sheet. Films on deck were only watchable if the weather was good, the sea was calm and the wind was right. If the breeze was too strong then the makeshift screen flapped wildly and the film became impossible to watch. If the wind was from astern then the soot and fumes from the funnel would drift down onto us, until the smell and the mess drove us inside. If the swell of the sea was too large then the excessive screen movement rendered the picture simply unwatchable. More often than not we would show the film in the bar in two showings – one from 4.30 to 6. 30 p.m., and one from 8.30 to 10.30 p.m. Film nights were good for us cadets because one of us was allowed to finish work at 4.00 p.m., to get everything set up.

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