Camping Gone Wrong Resulting in Rosacea

I and a couple of friends decided to book a week at Letchworth State Park to spend our holiday together.

From our high school years, we always did the holiday thing together, but it has been a while and we just had to get together. Letchworth State Park was the go-between for most of us and the obvious choice.

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It is truly an amazing place filled with adventure and unbelievable beauty. So, I was sure everyone would enjoy it, not knowing what was to come.

We arranged to meet up the Friday afternoon at the gates. As I pulled in most of the team was already standing around and catching up, the rest arrived soon after me. We had a look at open cabins A and B and decided we wanted a spot close to the river.

Thus, we ended up in two of the A cabins.

We all headed in and settled in the cabins. Once unpacked we took a stroll to the river and just sat there talking until the day left and night met us with the moon peeking over the mountains. Back at the cabins, we had a throw-together meal. This was actually quite interesting and a new taste experience for us all.

Each of us had brought along a variety of foods that we enjoy, thus, we had a huge selection. We froze and refrigerated most of the things that were suitable for the week’s meals and was left with an odd selection for our first night.

With what we had left we made a mixed salad that contained shrimps and even some fruit. This was very nice even though it was quite different. After supper, we all stretched out on the grass between the two cabins. We lay watching the stars, chatting and snacking on different sweets and treats.

The next morning, I got up with a couple of red spots on my face which I thought was due to my skin being a bit drier than normal. I stuck to my normal face routine as I had brought it all along and applied my creams then headed down for breakfast thinking little of it.

We spend the day out in the sun doing some hiking and even had a hot air balloon ride. Everything we did was a lot of fun and my spots were forgotten.

That evening my face felt even drier but I assumed it was due to being in the outdoors with my fair skin. My answer was to simply apply more cream before going to bed. However, this didn’t help. I woke up the next morning with a face that felt as if I had burned and looked like something in that line. It was also sore and tender to my touch.

As soon as I walked into the cabins small kitchen I knew it was too noticeable to just ignore as I was greeted with a handful of gasps. So, even though we still had a whole week of fun ahead of us, I had to leave and visit a doctor. I called and made an appointment for that same day hoping that I could return to spend the rest of the week with my friends.

My best friend accompanied me to town and waited for me during my appointment. The doctor informed me that I had an illness called Rosacea. There are a variety of factors that could have caused it and the exposure to the sun just made it worse. She suggested I try and stay out of the sun. Plus, we scheduled an appointment for laser treatment.

My whole week was halfway ruined by this. I did return with my friend and spend the week but had to stay indoors the entire time which was not as much fun. However, I did get to spend the week with my friends which were great. Once home I had treatments and soon I could get back to my normal routines.

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