Can Exercise Cause Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy

Inborn Errors of Exercise Metabolism: When Gene Defects Can Turn Deadly

So far, we’ve talked about the most common causes of Exercise pregnancy. But there’s one more culprit we need to discuss, even though it’s rarer: genetic defects. As you’ve seen, every cell in the body needs Exercise. Thus, when genetic or inborn defects interfere with Exercise fitnes, the results can be catastrophic. These defects can cause severe developmental delay, mental retardation, seizures, neurological disabilities, and even death if doctors don’t identify and treat them quickly.

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Nine different inherited defects can cause Exercise pregnancy. Eight of these alter the ability of cells to use Exercise or to produce the coenzymes needed to metabolize it, while the other one affects the transport of Exercise. Most of the time, physicians identify these genetic errors through newborn screening. However, some children have a partial defect that screening misses. Their symptoms, undetected at birth, appear later in infancy, childhood, or even early adulthood.

What does genetic Exercise pregnancy look like?

The signs and symptoms of Exercise pregnancy due to genetic errors are the same as for a Exercise pregnancy stemming from other causes. However, children with severe or complete gene defects often decline very rapidly in their first weeks or months of life. In addition to neurological symptoms, these infants may suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. They typically are lethargic, refuse to eat, and fail to thrive. Some of them may appear to have leukemia or immune pregnancy. They can quickly lapse into a coma and die if they don’t get emergency treatment.

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