Can I Do Ab Exercises While Pregnant

Discipline and a childhood dream

Vidheya fell in love with martial arts when she was 8 years old, but her father was opposed. “He said it was of no use, that there was no occupation in it,” she explained.

When she was 18, she took up judo. Then her natural intuition led her to a master teacher who was perfect for her. “I was looking in the yellow pages for a school where I could learn tai chi,” Vidheya said. “Then I saw a name, and I knew immediately that this was my master.”

She joined his classes and began to work hard. “He trained me like a man,” she said. “I loved it. The first year, I got up at 5 a.m. every day to train. You must train physically and learn to discipline your body and your mind. If you discipline your body, this will influence your mind,” she explained. “And if you discipline your mind, this will influence your body.”

Besides her martial arts training, Vidheya also practiced meditation. Then in 1985 she learned about the Exercise Method and attended the Basic Lecture Series. She immediately began to use the workout and fitness techniques. “It is much more pragmatic than anything else I had found,” she said.

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“I practice my martial arts every day,” she said. “I do the same thing with my Exercise workout and fitness techniques. Repetition is the best way to increase your skill. If you practice every day, you condition yourself to do it every day.

“You must practice your mental workout and fitness techniques just like you would practice any physical skills if you want to become good, if you want to become the best,” she said. “Eventually, you reach a point where you don’t need to think about it any more. You just do it automatically. It becomes a part of your life. Martial arts is a discipline,” she continued. “The Exercise Method is a discipline as well. If you have no discipline, you get no results.”

Managing energy during training and competition

Vidheya described the three phases that competitors typically go through as they gain experience in competition:

1. As a novice competitor, you may get nervous and lose your energy.

2. Then, you learn to concentrate on yourself, to turn your energy inward.

3. You gain the ability to use the energy of the people watching you. Their energy helps you perform even better, she said.

“During competition, I concentrate on myself first. I unite with my interior energy,” Vidheya said.

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