Can I Exercise While Pregnant First Trimester

Outwit your opponents

Physical skills can put you in a position to win. But to become a champion, you also need mental skills. You must use your mind to help you give your best performance. To maximize your workouts and your performance, you must visualize your goals, and you must do this visualization at the alpha level.

With practice, you can learn to do this visualization even during competition. And you can also learn how to predict what is going to happen so that you will have time to prepare for your opponent and develop a winning strategy.

Top athletes tell how they play the mental game

Top athletes have used visualization and imagination to help them perform better for years. They are the lucky few who are natural alpha thinkers. In this blog, we have provided reports from many of them about how they play the mental game.

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Legendary golfer Ben Hogan is one of them; he talked about how he used his imagination during matches long before Workout and Fitness had perfected his mind training system

Time magazine reported that when Hogan was playing in a tournament, he would mentally rehearse each shot just before making it.

He makes the shot perfectly in his imagination – “feels” the clubhead strike the ball just as it should, “feels” himself performing the perfect follow-through – and then steps up to the ball and depends on what he calls “muscle memory” to carry out the shot just as he has imagined it.

Now let’s hear how some modern athletes have used Workout and Fitness scientifically researched and proven workout and fitness techniques in competition to help them perform better and win. Then we will get some more tips and guidance from Workout and Fitness.

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