Can we invite guests to our wedding?

Of course! Some hotels even offer reduced rate weddings for more than four guests. Remember to order extras for your guests, such as more wine, a larger wedding cake or extra buttonholes. If the wedding couple is staying at an All Inclusive resort, they will need to buy one-day passes for guests staying at other hotels, and in adults-only resorts you will need to ask special permission for children to attend the wedding on a day pass. All this can be organised at the resort by your wedding planner.

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Boat-girls were not shy: once aboard they would tour the ship, banging on the cabin doors and marching in, thrusting their wares at you and asking for a good reason if you didn’t want to buy. It didn’t matter what state you were in or if you were busy or even halfdressed. If you were asleep they would put the light on and wake you up. They would pester and badger and argue and try to charm until, in the end, most people would buy a cold drink or a piece of fruit just to get rid of them. There were also the girls who sold all manner of souvenirs: carvings, bright and garish pennants, statues of ancient Chinese people, tee-shirts, semi-precious stones, old coins, birds in cages, grass snakes, small monkeys. They tended to be less aggressive and didn’t go round all the cabins; instead they set up stalls on the poop deck or at the end of the flying bridge, waylaying everyone who went by, hectoring, goading, boasting, begging, bargaining. And of course, inevitably, there were the boat-girls who sold themselves. The sailors would leer over the rails when their boat came by, sizing up the cargo. The girls leered up at the rails, doing likewise. The sort of girl who would be found motoring around the anchorage, selling herself for a ‘short time’ with the sailors was usually someone who was on a downward slope.

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