Right in the heartland of Canadian skiing territory, this fairytale hotel in Banff, Alberta is snow-covered during the winter months, ensuring a white wedding on your Big Day. After you’ve tied the knot you can zip off to the local ice rink for a romantic night of skiing, while sleigh rides and snowboarding sessions are also available.


The second chose a monstrous Indian woman to celebrate the fiver’s sexual christening. She looked cock-a-hoop: it was probably the first time someone had chosen her in an age. The fiver had actually preferred a homely-looking Malay who was standing quietly at the end of the row, but the Indian was having none of it. She grabbed him by the arm and dragged the hapless man off to her den. He looked back over his shoulder at me, his face a picture of bewildered terror. I waved at him, merrily, giving him a thumbs-up sign and what I felt was a reassuring smile. The second chose a chunky, grinning Chinese woman. The mama-san looked at me and cocked an eyebrow to see if I was going to partake, but I shook my head. She clapped her hands and the remaining girls filed out in a troop and I was left there on my own. I sat in the chair and drank my cold Tiger and smoked and waited.

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