Care of Cuts, Bruises and Scrapes Homemade

The following remedies have disinfectant, astringent and cell-regenerative properties, making them ideal for minor cuts, scrapes and bruises. Some also have analgesic properties to help alleviate localized pain. Many of these formulas can be used to disinfect and clean wounds before applying a healing salve.

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I saw various therapists and talked through my treatment options. One of them suggested makeupy eating and gentle exercise: walking instead of running, swimming instead of weights. I don not remember there being much talk of medication, but, to be honest, at that time I probably would have resisted it anyway. Back then, wrongly, I saw taking antidepressants as confirmation I was a nutcase. I realised I needed to make some big changes in my life. Jason and I decided that we needed a fresh start in a new environment, to get away from triggers and the scene of bad lifestyle habits, so in August 2010 we moved to Auckland. With the move my priorities shifted, too my focus was now on finding balance, healing, spending more time with my kids, who were growing up so fast, enjoying food again and having fun. The move was well timed Jana-Lee was turning five and started school at Meadowbank Primary and Gabe finished off Year 8 at Newlands Intermediate in Wellington (staying with Jason is mum and my mum) before starting high school at Selwyn College at the beginning of 2011. My managers at Max were supportive about me coming to Auckland now I could be based full-time at head office instead of commuting. At first Jason struggled with the move he missed his friends (especially his best mate Rob), his routines with the gym and basketball and all that was familiar and looking back he was probably in danger of developing depression himself.

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