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How do one, I’m Gracie. And this is my mom Gary hi guys today we’re going to show you a style called the carousel brain. And this is what it looks up.

So let’s get started okay. I started by putting your hair in a high ponytail. And around her hair going to her own ear just to connect elastic via.

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So here, I’m going to start right here from the corner. And, I’m going to take a slice. And, I’m going to start with a three strand, I’m going to start braiding a stitch then, I’m going to grab a little piece from here.

And adding it to this strand. And, I’m going to do another stitch that, I’m going to grab another slice. And bring it to this strand.

And, I’m going to be repeating this. And, I’m as, I’m repeating this, I’m going to be going diagonal diagonally okay. So now that, I have it this far.

And do one more stitch. And, I’m going to take it as much as that, I can alway to the back of her hair. And, I’m going to lift her ponytail up go under.

And wrap it around. And grab those three again. And hold on to it.

And repeat it by taking a slice from here. And taking it. And putting it together to the strand.

And, I’m going to make a stitch. And just keep doing the same thing, I did with this top layer, I’m just going to repeat it the only difference that you’re going to do is once you get to the other end which is on that side you’re going to just lift up the ponytail. And go under it go under.

And twist around the ponytail. And then you grab those strands again. And you’re right back to the beginning smooth out your strands.

And you’re just gonna start all over again from this end. And this is just repeating it all the way down to the end okay. So at this point, I’m just going to go down a little bit that part wrap it around her brain yeah her ponytail.

And then just come to a rat right here just wrap your hair at the end loosen this up a little just tie it off you suggest it a little bit missing it out. And then when it gets dry it’ll expand out more. And then it will be much for.

And you could just hide your less again with your favorite accessory a little bit of hairspray. And there you have it thank you guys. So much for reading the tutorial we hope that you enjoyed it.

And please give us a thumbs up. And don’t forget to comment to the link below if you have any kind of requests for us to show you what your favorite styles are please leave comment down below. And we’ll see you next time bye guys.

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