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Casual Belt Styles How To Wear A Casual Belt How To Buy Casual Belts Men’s Style Post Hi! I’m Carl Centeno, the founder of this style blog, and today I’m going to be talking about casual men’s belts, how to wear them and where to buy them. This is presented by my company, this style blog. I would like for you guys to know that there’s a lot more information over at my website, so I usually put a link right underneath the post that goes to an article that goes into a lot more detail than just what I talk about here in the posts. In addition, I have another link to my free e-book, 47 pages of awesome content. And if you’re interested in any of my courses like the Style System or my communities, you should definitely go check out this last link.

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I ask you guys to comment and this is the reason. If you’re on my email list with some of the belts I’m talking about here, you’re actually going to get a very special discount code. Now, if you’re not commentd, you may be finding this post months from now, years from now, and you just didn’t know about this, and unfortunately, you’re going to miss this deal. When you’re commentd, you find out about this stuff. I ask you guys to like these posts because that helps more men find them. WHAT I’ll BE TALKING ABOUT • What defines a casual belt • How to wear a casual belt • Casual belt styles I’m not going to go into so much in this post, but I do go into a lot of detail in the article, which I link to down below. • Three places to buy casual belts. Well, probably more than three places, but I’m going to point out two American companies and then I’m going to get into a little bit more detail. WHAT DEFINES A CASUAL BELT? The Buckle First off, it is larger buckles usually on casual belts. They are made from different materials. Oftentimes, you’ll see brass. You’ll see steel.

The buckles are larger especially in the Western world. You’ll definitely recognize our Western belt buckles. I probably should’ve put a picture up there, but I think you can just quickly Google that. The buckle is usually one of the defining dress belts, and that’s what I’m comparing these with. They’re going to have more delicate buckles. Proportions (straps, width, thickness) Proportions, and this is actually width, but it’s also with the straps, so the width of the strap, the thickness. You can see this strap right here is almost two inches high. You can see three thick layers of leather. I took this picture from the company, Vvego. They are made in Alabama and I’ll be talking a little bit more about that company later. Strap Design As you can see, this is a casual belt. Can anyone guess in the comments what this oyster along with what looks like a six-shooter, what these things mean? So strap design, a lot of casual belts like to have fun with that.

Material This casual belt is made with a combination. This has a grosgrain ribbon on the outside and then it’s a leatherback, so it’s got leather underneath it to give it a sturdy feel, but it also got the casual belt look to it. And so, a mixture of these materials definitely makes this casual. In addition, the belt buckle almost looks like a dress belt buckle, but it’s built a little bit heavier. The color and the stitching, notice how the contrast is and they didn’t try to match it right here? All of these things go in to make a casual belt. HOW TO WEAR A CASUAL BELT You can wear it usually in two different ways. Accent This is where it just naturally goes with your clothing. It’s not looking to stand out or to be something that people are going to give you compliments on, although some people may. Here, you can see this gentleman is just wearing a pair of jeans and it looks like a t-shirt. I’m not going to say I think it’s the best look for a gentleman, but I’m going to say this is what a lot of guys are wearing and it works for them. Centerpiece Besides an accent, what’s the other option? To wear the belt, the casual belt, as a centerpiece. So Fourth of July is coming up here in the United States, a big independence holiday for us.

Let’s say you’re going to wear a simple white polo with a light pair of khakis, maybe some boat shoes, not really an outfit that’s going to draw a lot of attention. Well, you could wear this belt with that outfit that I just talked about. All of a sudden, this belt is going to be the centerpiece. It’s not going to draw a whole lot of attention to you, but it is going to be something that people could look at. You can definitely see that you are celebrating the Fourth of July and having a little bit of fun with it. Function Now, I’m not going to go into this too much, but you can also wear casual belts and of course, the function. Ideally, belts are being worn to help hold up our pants, although most of us hopefully are wearing clothing that fits and the pants wouldn’t fall off if we weren’t wearing a belt, but function is an important aspect and I do need to talk about it. Here we can see that if you are, let’s say, sailing near the gulf with your men and you’re off the coast of Somalia, you wear this belt and the pirates, they’re just not going to mess with you. They’re going to think you’re one of their own. Seriously, you can wear heavier leather belts for tactical purposes. I know a lot of you guys out there possibly conceal carry, so wearing the right belt that’s sturdy is going to work for you. I haven’t tested if this belt will ward off pirates.

WHERE TO BUY Where to buy these belts and other belts like that? Well, let me go ahead and jump out here and I want to bring up a couple of companies, both of them making belts here in the United States. Knot Clothing I know the owner over at Knot Clothing. We’ve been talking about what he’s put together. He’s got his Back Nine Collection and these are Ribbon Leatherback Belts, actually pretty hard to find, and I loved it. They’ve specialize in this niche. If you golf, if you sail, these are great belts. By the way, if you’re on my email list, you’re going to get a discount code for this. Another one is the classic D-Ring Belt, Double D-Ring Belt it’s sometimes called. Over here at Knot Clothing, they’ve got a lot of really fun, nautical-themed ribbons that they use to make the belt, pretty cool stuff, but you can also go with a very simple one that uses the design as well. Vvego I was showing you guys some leather belts. Now, this is a company down in Alabama. It’s called Vvego, and my friend, Robert Porter, runs this.

You definitely should go check them out. What I love about their belts is they’re just well, I don’t definitely lie. I don’t like that shirt, but I do love their belt. Their belt is hand-built right in United States, three-ply construction as you can see right here, and just amazing belts. He also makes tactical belts. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry about it, but if you do know what that is, you understand how important it is to have a sturdy, tactical belt if you’re concealed carry. For more information, make sure to visit this style blog. I cover dress belts over there as well. This was, again, about casual belts. Gentlemen, I will see you in the comments. Take care. Bye-bye.

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