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Hi, everyone! Happy Sunday.

Today, I am posting a What Would Jenn Wear. Earlier this week, I asked you guys on Twitter what kind of post you guys wanted to see today, and What Would Jenn Wear won by a landslide, so here it is. For those who are just tuning in, this is a segment where you tweet me your fashion dilemmas, and I answer them. And since it is officially winter time, I thought that I would specifically choose like winter-related questions, so let’s get started. The first tweet comes from Hannah, and she asks, What outfit can you wear to stand out during the holiday party? This question is perfect because New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and everyone is going to be dressing to the nines, and this would be a great opportunity for you to get gussied up to. This is what I’d rock if I wanted to turn some heads. One quick and easy way to stand out is to have a faux fur moment. Something about this fun texture just screams glamour and luxury. This one is from Storets and I absolutely love the pleather lapels on the coat. Underneath, I’m wearing a fitted stripe turtleneck top, and then I tuck that into this black leather skirt with ruffles. For shoes, I’m wearing these sexy thigh-high soft boots that are perfectly fitted, and there you have it. A fun, flirty look for the season. So, let’s move on to the second dilemma. This one says, How to look cute for a date while trying to layer up for the cold at the same time? I just started dating this guy, but it’s winter in Chicago, so I feel like I can never dress up. It appears we have a little visitor. Are you gonna stay here? By now, I know Chicago is absolutely freezing, and I know when temperatures are that brutal it’s hard to feel cute, but I feel like it is still possible.

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This is my cute winter date outfit for you. I think the color blush is very flattering on any complexion, so I’m rocking this really fun, dusty blush jacket in this thick shearling material. I think it really complements my sweater underneath. This one is a salmon shade and it’s got these fun stripes all around it. Also, if you want to stay warm, wear a thermal underneath. For my bottoms, I’m rocking these light colored denim in this kind of like, badger silhouette, so you can wear some tights underneath to keep warm. For shoes, I’m wearing these white heels from Aldo to streamline my legs, and lastly, I threw on some blush earmuffs because honestly, my ears get super cold, and I feel like having this protection would really keep you warm. Regardless of what you’re wearing, if the guy’s diggin’ you, he’s not gonna care what you’re wearing on the outside; it’s about your character. Good luck with your day and I hope you guys have a great time! The third tweet comes from Reese. What would Jenn wear for a casual Christmas look? By the time you’re reading this, Christmas will be tomorrow, and chances are I’m definitely gonna keep it casual. So, this is one of my options that I might wear. Starting from the top, I’m wearing this polo from Guess. There’s green and red in it, so I feel like it kind of gives off Christmas vibe but in a very subtle way. I tucked the top into these black trousers from Eggie. I took off the chain in the pants just to make them look less street style and more like a lounge pant. And for shoes, I’m wearing these cute lace-up boots from Vagabond, and yeah, I called it a day.

I think this is a really cool effortless outfit that anyone can rock on a Christmas Day. Moving on to dilemma four, What would you wear with an oversized fur teddy coat? I picked this question up because I have so many fur teddy coats, and it was really hard to narrow down my favorite one, but this is the one I chose to showcase. This is my tan teddy coat from Storets. This one is pretty oversized and I love it because I can layer anything with it, and it keeps me super warm. Since I live in LA, I rocked it with a thin, white long sleeve But if you live somewhere colder, a white or beige knit turtleneck would look amazing. I love the way brown and white looks and it’s just a foolproof color combo. For my jeans, I’m wearing some high-waisted black skinnies just because I needed something fitted to offset the bulkiness of the coat. I’m wearing my chunky black platforms to add some height, and lastly, accessorize with a pair of asymmetrical earrings. I think this is a really effortless outfit. You can wear for grabbing coffee with a friend or just having lunch. So the last question comes from Feiby. How would you style crushed velvet jogger-style pants so it looks fashionable and less like loungewear? Jogger pants can be a little tricky because they are a type of loungewear and honestly there’s nothing wrong with looking comfortable, but there are slight modifications you can do with your outfit to make it look more elevated. So this is how I styled my crushed velvet joggers. These are in a festive red color, and I love that they have black stripes running down both the sides. I wore them with a black bodysuit from Are You Am I, but I think any black top would look killer with a pair of joggers like these. For outerwear, I wore a long black tuxedo blazer to elongate and to give the outfit more structure.

I really loved how flowy the fabric is and I think it adds a fashion-forward element to the look. For shoes, I’m wearing some pointed black boots, and I feel like these finish off the outfit nicely. All right guys, that is a wrap on this post of What Would Jenn Wear. If you guys would like to be featured in the next post, feel free to write your fashion dilemma down in the comments, or you can tweet me @imjennim and just send me your fashion dilemma there. I would love to know how you guys are celebrating this holiday season. Tomorrow, by the time I’m reading this, tomorrow will be Christmas and so, Ben and I are having my family over. Ben is gonna be cooking a delicious Christmas roast, and so I’m super excited to be hosting my family. Normally, we always have it at my parents’ house, but this year, we thought we’d switch it up and we thought we would host it. So yeah, I would love to know how you guys are celebrating Thank you guys so much for the support and the love, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Byeee! Mwah.

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