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Best Makeup Products Of 2017

These limited editions are like every woman, one of a kind. Once they’re gone, they won’t come back – so grab them while you can Top tip Make sure to use your new products for at least four weeks before deciding if they work for you. Remember your skin has a 28-day cycle, so let […] Read more

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Makeup Artist Pictures

Your fingers may do the trick, but a great face starts with the right brushes – stash these nifty little tools in your make-up bag 1. ECO TOOLS LASH BROW GROOMER BRUSH, R49.95 Take control of those stray brows and separate lashes in seconds with this double-headed brush. 2. PALLADIO SMUDGE BRUSH, R85 Soft and […] Read more

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10 Best Makeup Looks Over 50

BOBBI BROWN, ET AL. One of the first makeup artists to achieve celebrity status, Bobbi Brown moved to New York in 1980, a year after she graduated with a degree in theatrical makeup. At that time, makeup was pretty extreme with lots of unsubtle eighties contouring and red lips. Bobbi was more drawn to healthy, […] Read more

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10 Best Makeup Looks For Over 60

SHU UEMURA Shu Uemura was born in Tokyo in 1928 and established one of the earliest makeup artist brands, becoming a name in the industry through his work in Hollywood particularly when he made up Shirley MacLaine to appear Japanese (as was the practice at the time) for the 1962 movie My Geisha. In 1964 […] Read more

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10 Best Makeup Trends Of All Time

MAKEUP PROFESSIONALS Though they may evolve or be acquired by a larger conglomerate, many brands are the brainchild of one talented individual. Makeup artists have been around since Egyptian times, and their influence on fashion, media, and consumers can be seen in the way they are now as recognizable and recognized as the faces they […] Read more

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10 Best Eye Makeup Trends

L’OREAL The world’s largest cosmetics company, L’Oreal was started by Eugene Schueller, who worked parttime at his parents’ patisserie throughout his youth and while studying chemistry at the Sorbonne. He worked as an assistant pharmacist but was interested in hair dyes, and particularly the idea of making a long-lasting dye. In 1907 he applied for […] Read more

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10 Best Makeup Trends Fall 2017

BOOTS A household name in the United Kingdom, the high-street pharmacy chain Boots started when one John Boot set up an herbalist store in Nottingham in 1849. The less wealthy industrial classes, who couldn’t necessarily afford a doctor, would prove to be a strong early market for John, though the business really took off when […] Read more

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10 Best Makeup Trends For 2017

TOILETRY GIANTS These global corporations may have started as small, often family-run soap-making businesses, but they now own most of the brands we use today and thus control the beauty business. They’re unified not only by their size but also their focus and investment in research. PROCTER & GAMBLE One of the biggest names in […] Read more

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10 Best Makeup Trends For Medium Skin Tones

DIOR Though it was founded in 1946, Dior didn’t start producing makeup until 1950. Crucially, this was two years after Christian Dior had designed the famous New Look (introducing a new shape in fashion), which had been a hit with fashion editors all over the world, especially Carmel Snow at US Harper’s Bazaar. Red was […] Read more

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10 Best Makeup Trends For 2017

CHANEL Perhaps more than any other fashion pioneer, Gabrielle Chanel was crucial to changing the way we view beauty. Chanel’s first line of makeup was launched in 1924, ten years after the fashion house opened, and five years before the skincare range would launch. Gabrielle’s philosophy was that makeup’s real aim was âœnot to adorn, […] Read more