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Liquid Deodorants

Deodorants can be made with a combination of teas, tinctures, water, juices, essential oils and alcohol, such as vodka or brandy. One important rule is to add enough alcohol to act as a preservative when using perishable liquids such as tea, water or juice. To offset the alcohol’s drying effects you may want to add […] Read more

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Sage and Brandy Deodorants

The water extract of the sage provides astringent and cleansing action and the alcohol disinfects and deodorizes. 1/2 cup 80 proof brandy 1/2 teaspoon glycerin 1/2 cup sage infusion (use 1 tablespoon 20 drops sage essential oil for further sage leaf and 4 oz. water) deodorizing action Make herbal infusion with sage leaf and water, […] Read more

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Facial skin care: Toning

The second phase of facial skin care, toning, helps to remove oily residue while refining and tightening the pores after they have been opened during the cleansing process. In general, toners and astringents have a drying effect on the skin; the more alcohol or vinegar used to make a formula, the more astringent and drying […] Read more



The health of the nails depends on nutrition, brittle, fragile nails with ridges might be a sign of iron deficiency. A zinc deficiency might cause white spots to appear on the nail. All nutrients related to healthy blood are required to supply the nails with a constant supply of nutrients and oxygen.

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Orange Love Lips

This is made with annatto seeds in place of the a1anet root in the Red Love Lips formula and makes an orange- to amber-tinted oil and lip gloss. Mouthwashes and Breath Fresheners It is very easy to make effective homemade alternatives to commercial mouthwashes. The formulas offered here reduce bacteria in the mouth while freshening […] Read more

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Deodorant Liquids and Powders

Commercial deodorants are filled with nasty chemicals and other ingredients like aluminum that can have deleterious health effects. These preparations can be some of the most allergenic products both to the wearer and to those in the wearer’s proximity. Heavily perfumed deodorants can aggravate chemical sensitivities and provoke sinus irritation, headaches or nausea. Fortunately, it […] Read more


Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is made by infusing specific dye herbs in oil so that they impart their color to the oil. The quantity of herb used for infusing the oil will affect the intensity of color the more herb used, the stronger the color. The infused oil is then thickened with beeswax, in the same manner […] Read more