DATES DIET Fresh and dried dates are a compact energy food with 75% carbohydrate content and 8g of fibre— that’s bulky. If you lack energy and need a quick snack, dates are ready any time to boost your whole body. The muscular system will be given 650-730mg of potassium per 100g, to improve blood circulation, […] Read more

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How to Lose Weight by Eating VEGETABLES

How to Lose Weight by Eating VEGETABLES The vegetable kingdom provides incredible benefits, a full range of colours and an incredible variety of flavours, textures, shapes and sizes. Nutritionally speaking, we would be lost without vegetables, as a major portion of the essential minerals and vitamins are derived from fresh vegetables in particular. Fresh vegetables […] Read more

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BERRIES For Lose Weight

BERRIES For Lose Weight Berries of the Rubus family include: blackberry, boysenberry, dewberry, cloudberry, loganberry, raspberry and wineberry. The loganberry and raspberry are the most popular commercially grown Rubus berries. Red berries contain phytochemicals: lycopene and anthocyanins. Lycopene is a very potent antioxidant, plus it helps protect against skin damage from sunlight. The blue, purple […] Read more



BLUEBERRIES Diet Blueberries, bilberry and cranberry belong to the family Vaccinium. These berries contain a remarkable supply of antioxidants, more specifically phytonutrients or anthocyanins. These are in the blue-red pigment of the fruit. They promote a reduction of free radicals that can damage cell structure causing conditions such as heart disease, glaucoma and cataracts. Blueberries […] Read more

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AVOCADO For Lose Weight

AVOCADO For Lose Weight The avocado is fruit from a tree that belongs to the Laurel family (Lauraceae), the Persea Americana. The Aztecs originally cultivated the avocado. Now there are numerous varieties throughout the world. The Hass and Fuerte are common varieties, plus the Gwen, Bacon, Pinkerton, Zutano and Reed. Avocados provide a small amount […] Read more