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STRAWBERRIES For Weight Loss Strawberries are a worldwide favourite, especially with cream Strawberries contain vitamin P, also known as rutin. It is a valuable blood thinner and it increases the strength of blood vessels, plus it promotes circulation. Fresh strawberries eaten regularly will promote reduced blood pressure and improved eyesight and possibly prevent the development […] Read more

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TOMATO For Weight Loss

TOMATO For Weight Loss Tomatoes are an acid fruit and they provide citric acid (0.3 8mg), malic acid and oxalic acid in small amounts. The tomato is the best food source of natural chlorine (1800mg). Chlorine has numerous functions: it stimulates the liver to filter out waste products, it stimulates the production of gastric juices […] Read more

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Baby Lullabies Go To Sleep

Baby Lullabies Go To Sleep Sleep Therapy Sleep Clinics Sleep clinics are groups run by health visitors and occasionally other health professionals too. After an initial session in which you describe your baby’s sleep habits, you will usually be asked to complete a sleep diary for a couple of weeks before you begin a programme. […] Read more

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Babies To Sleep

Babies To Sleep Controlled Crying Alternatively, leave your baby to sleep but return every so often to reassure yourself and him After the bedtime routine on the first night, stay out of sight for five minutes; if he is still crying afer this time, return and reassure him that you are still there. If he […] Read more