Makeup for Dry Skin

Makeup for Dry Skin

Use a moisturizer that isn’t too greasy but that hydrates skin well. Wear moisturizing foundation (with yellow undertones) and make sure that your face powder is silky and light. Wear cream eye shadows, creamy lipsticks, and cream blushes. The trick is to apply cream blush just after foundation. Then dust on face powder. Apply a […] Read more

Make-up Artist Me!: Daring! Red eyeshadow makeup tutorial


The good news is that, assuming you have a little color, you don’t need as much makeup in the summer. It is a good time to simplify everything and to go as sheer as possible with all makeup products. Be conscious of keeping your beauty style as simple and low-maintenance as possible. Consider not blow-drying […] Read more

brands - Global Beauty Secrets


Over the past decade, a whole new classification of beauty has emerged. Its hallmark is ethnic diversity. Almost by definition, global beauty implies exotic, thoroughly individual characteristics (which makes defining it nearly impossible). What is fascinating to my eye is the exotic mix of traits. I never am able to identify what a woman is […] Read more

... omdat ik jarig was: Color Pop-up Store Sephora! - Fleur's Beautytips


Brown Spots How to Prevent Them: Diligent use of sunblock is essential for prevention. How to Conceal Them: Apply concealer (one tone lighter than skin tone) with a concealer brush to cover brown spots. Then apply foundation all over face. Be careful to use a gentle touch over the areas you have already concealed. Let […] Read more

Have You Ever Asked Your-Self: ” Why Should I Put Make up on? “


If you can’t see without your glasses, consider buying a pair of special make-up glasses to help Vou put your eye make-up on. The lens can be moved from either side of the frame, so one side of the face can be made up using magnification, and then changed over.



âœHow do I make my face look smaller?❠âœHow do I make my eyes look bigger?❠These are two questions I hear all the time when I travel in the Far East and when I meet Asian-American women at home. I always register these women’s concerns, but I cannot offer an easy color trick or […] Read more