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BAD-DAY BEAUTY SECRETS What to do on a nightmare morning the kind of day when you look into the mirror and something has gone seriously wrong with your face. Since no one ever knows how or when a bad beauty day will hit, it’s best to have a variety of solutions at your disposal, i.e., […] Read more

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Choose a time when you are not rushed. (I find that evenings work the best.) Exfoliate your skin first; you need to create a smooth surface. Spread on the thinnest layer of tanner possible so that any mistakes will not be glaring. If you want darker color, wait a day, then do another application. Face: […] Read more

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Note: A brighter blush will take attention away from the eye area. Question: Do women need more or less makeup as they get older, say, from age forty to sixty? Answer: It is perhaps more a question of the kind of makeup rather than its quantity. Our natural coloring fades as we age: Lip color […] Read more

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Good health and natural beauty have always gone hand in hand. The link between one’s health and looks becomes more apparent with the passing of years. Over-fifty beauty is based on taking care of yourself: eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water, wearing sunblock, and taking care to go to the doctor for regular physicals, […] Read more

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After a night out in a smoky atmosphere, eyes can become tired and red. Soothe them by grating cucumber onto a muslin cloth. Wrap it up like a tortilla wrap and hold it gently against your eyes. The enzymes in the cucumber will help to reduce swelling and smooth out fine lines.

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You may find that your oily skin turns foundation a slight orange or yellow tone. To correct, try using a paler shade of powder (pale yellow powder always does the trick) over your foundation. Even if you want every product to be oil-free, concealer looks better if it has a creamy consistency. If you tend […] Read more

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Solution: The temptation to attack a pimple with your fingers is huge. But try to resist touching or popping it that will only make matters worse. To cover a pimple, apply foundation using a concealer brush. Press a little powder on top to set. Repeat, layering foundation and powder until blemish is well hidden.