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Linda Wells possesses an intelligent kind.of beauty. She always looks perfectly simple and absolutely correct. Linda is an example of a porcelain beauty, where a little bit of makeup in pale colors is what looks best. Joan Vass has a strong beauty that’s defined by healthy, outdoorsy skin and her fabulous white hair. Her beauty […] Read more

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It was around this time that Bobbi now an accomplished, sought-after makeup artist with access to the best makeup in the world started to think about the products themselves. To Bobbi, nothing looked natural enough. No matter how you applied the green or blue that was popular at this particular moment in the 1980s, it […] Read more

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The right makeup tools are as important in getting the look you want as the actual makeup itself. The applicators included with most makeup are simply not up to the job. Blush brushes are usually too small and too coarse to enable you to place the color where you want it on the cheek and […] Read more

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Fitness Fallacies

Abdominal exercises can help tone your stomach but they will not flatten it. Increase aerobic exercise and reduce fat in your diet to work away fat from your body. Lifting weights will not create body-builder muscles … but if you are worried about bulking up, do higher repetitions with lower weights (even two-pound weights work). […] Read more

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From what I read in magazines and hear on television, Bobbi’s company has since become the quintessential American makeup line for perfectly simple and natural products that don’t force women to change their makeup constantly and isn’t based on instant obsolescence. She has given American women something that they need, and they have responded by […] Read more