Collagen + Cream Silk (30g) Whitening Face Cream Anti-Aging


Vitamin C is essential in both face creams and diet because it is necessary for the formation of collagen, the protein that gives skin its elasticity and strength. As an antioxidant it destroys harmful free radicals in the body, caused by pollution, stress and a poor diet. If unchecked, these attack the skin and lead […] Read more

Bronzing Powder Compact SPF 15


We’ve all been warned and, intellectually at least, we know that tanning is taboo; the sun is lethal. No matter. sun-kissed❠look is still irresistible to our eyes. Happily, we have bronzing powder, which can make us look healthier and more rested instantly. Perhaps a pasty face represents zero sun damage, but it certainly doesn’t […] Read more

How to Apply Blush6

How To Apply Blush

The brush that comes with most blush compacts should be discarded. It’s too skinny to allow an even sweep of color. Instead, use a separate blush brush that is full and tapered at the sides. (See chapter 9.) There are two key phrases I use over and over when I talk about blush: apple of […] Read more

Carrie Jackson | UK Beauty & Lifestyle Blog: MAKE-UP FOR MATURE SKIN


I start talking to the designers weeks before their shows. They tell me about their collections. I usually visit each designer’s showroom to see the fabrics and colors (it’s sometimes surprising how close to the show date the actual clothes are made up). Then I start forming ideas in my head about what I want […] Read more

Celebrity Makeup Tips for Older Women – Unlocking the Secrets of ...


Bobbi collaborates with me so that her makeup is perfectly consonant with my clothes. She never comes in and says, âœThis is what I’m doing.” I show her the collection and we talk things over. Then I say go for it because I know she will look at each model and contrive to make her […] Read more