Skin Care

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Salves and Balms

Salves or balms are effective and convenient preparations for soothing and healing skin. One very popular salve is lip balm. These preparations are very easy and satisfying to make. Any herbal-infused oil or carrier oil can be turned into a salve with the simple addition of beeswax, which solidifies the oil. The hardness or softness […] Read more


Herbal Bath for Baby Homemade

Herbs, such as chamomile, lavender and calendula, offer gentle cleansing and soothing effects. An herb can be used alone or combined with other herbs to produce an array of bath blends to suit your baby’s needs. See the following formulas for some excellent herbal bath choices. You may want to refer to the Botanicals section […] Read more

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Belly Oils, Balms and Creams Homemade

Choose from rich carrier oils, such as jojoba, peanut, olive or avocado, using them alone or in combination to massage the abdominal skin surface, breast, thighs and buttocks. See the Ingredients chapter for further information about the different carrier oils. You may also want to try any of the following formulas: Smooth Belly Combo /dry […] Read more

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Skin Revival Cream Homemade

This cream, mentioned throughout the blog for its skin-nourishing and reparative properties, is also excellent for preventing stretch marks. Many women have used this cream successfully to prevent stretch marks by applying it every day during their pregnancy. When you make the cream for this purpose, omit the essential oils in the original recipe (see […] Read more

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Herbal Sea Salt Homemade

15-30 drops essential oil 6 tablespoons sea salt Place salt in a glass jar with a tight-fitting, nonmetallic lid, then drop essential oils into the salt a few drops at a time, stirring in thoroughly after each dropping; when done adding the oils, cap tightly and shake the jar to continue mixing the ingredients. It […] Read more

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Sage Tangerine Homemade Deodorant

Refreshing and deodorizing. An excellent choice for both sexes. 10 drops tangerine essential oil 2 drops sandalwood essential oil 4 oz. distilled witch hazel 8 drops sage essential oil Place ingredients in a 4 oz. jar and shake well. It is ready to use. Apply to cotton ball and wipe underarms. Does not require refrigeration. […] Read more

Blissful Foot Cream /Dry/Fungal Homemade

Use this rich, reparative moisturizer on dry, achy and fungal foot conditions. 3 oz. calendula-infused olive oil 1/2 teaspoon thuja essential oil (preferred) or plain olive oil 40 drops tea tree essential oil 3 oz. almond oil 1 teaspoon rosemary essential oil 2 oz. coconut oil 1 teaspoon wintergreen essential oil 1 oz. shea butter […] Read more

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Mugwort-Infused Vinegar Homemade

Add mugwort vinegar to soak water for pain relief and cleansing. This is also a culinary vinegar, as the mugwort is related to tarragon and adds a pleasing aromatic flavor to salad dressings and other dishes, as well as increasing digestive power. *Â To make the mugwort vinegar, use 2 handfuls of freshly dried mugwort […] Read more

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Cinnamon Rosemary Body Powder

A spicy, refreshing-smelling absorbent body powder that also has antiseptic properties. 16 drops cinnamon essential oil 10 drops thuja essential oil 25 drops rosemary essential oil 4 tablespoons clay Put clay in a small jar, add essential oils and stir them in thoroughly. Cap and shake the jar to continue mixing the ingredients. To store […] Read more

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Care of Cuts, Bruises and Scrapes Homemade

The following remedies have disinfectant, astringent and cell-regenerative properties, making them ideal for minor cuts, scrapes and bruises. Some also have analgesic properties to help alleviate localized pain. Many of these formulas can be used to disinfect and clean wounds before applying a healing salve.