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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat The Healthy Way

Ban those negative reactions But since we’re going to be working with the only body that Nature has given us, we need to develop a much healthier relationship and a much more positive emotional connection with the physical frame that we’re presently occupying. I’ve discussed this subject in other works and we come back to […] Read more

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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Without Dieting

Build Support Systems There are considerable advantages to be gained from having a support group to help you to keep right on track with your brilliant new objectives. Start by making a declaration of your intentions. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your colleagues. Make a declaration of absolute intent and ask your newly […] Read more

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Three Steps To Banish Belly Fat

Controlling Your Environment – remove temptations Planning and preparation can be extended into other aspects of your daily routine. There are many items on the dangerous food list that you will need to avoid. We’ll get to specifics in a later chapter. Removing those items from your home, from your working environment and from your […] Read more

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Banish Lower Belly Fat

Learn about your tendencies to be too attached to food For emotional eaters like yourself, you often can’t see the woods for the trees. In the moment when emotions have been triggered and the helplessness reaction kicks in, eating in a certain way feels like a life-or-death decision. When you distract your inner turmoil with […] Read more

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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Very Fast

Exercise Now list the five strongest emotions you felt during all these challenges: Emotion number 1, For example – anger Answer these questions about your emotion: a) Why did you feel it? b) How did you relieve it or cope with it? c) Did you feel better aferwards? d) Did it happen again? e) How […] Read more

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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Quiz

We’ve considered a range of situations that can trigger emotional eating. It’s time to broaden the list and give you some ideas about other events and situations that often trigger the emotional eating response. Here are some situations that kept coming up again and again with many people in a similar position to yourself: A […] Read more

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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Teenage Guy

Recognise that eating to try and recover the comfort felt as a child will never work for you! Drug addicts keep using drugs because they long for the feeling of their first high. But it’s something they’ll never be able to achieve. It’s exactly the same phenomenon as the fact that you can never fully […] Read more

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How To Eliminate Upper Belly Fat

Break the chain of repetitive behaviour. Recognise the real reason YOU decided to overeat and then take steps to avoid connecting the apparent reason to comfort eating. You probably learned to eat something tasty as a coping method in times of stress and this simple habit easily degenerates into overeating. Check your list of situations […] Read more

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Get Rid Belly Fat Without Exercise

Recognise finally that by eating the wrong food, you will only feel worse afterwards Although many years may have passed since you were an infant, you may still have a residual emotional habit of needing food for comfort so that even now, eating actually changes the state of your emotions. At least temporarily. When you […] Read more

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Banish Belly Fat Exercises

Think deeply about whether you are still attached to needing food for comfort As you grew from baby to toddler to teenager to adult, you had to learn to regulate your own moods and handle stressful situations, away from your mother or caregiver. You had to develop the mental and emotional skills to handle life’s […] Read more