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How Do I Break Bad Eating Habits

JOURNALING BEFORE ENGAGING IN AN EATING DISORDER BEHAVIOR Journaling before engaging in any eating disorder behaviors can help you gain access to your Eating Disorder Self and bring your Healthy Self forward. Your Eating Disorder Self does not want to do this assignment (or any of them) so if you are doing it this means […] Read more

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Bad Eating Habits Cause High Blood Pressure

Quotes From Clients Who Have Recovered âœNelson Mandela said, It always seems impossible until it’s done. ‘ Eating disorder recovery is like that. Having patience was so important. I needed to have patience with the recovery process and myself. There were days where everything was going great and things were looking up. Then other days […] Read more

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How To Break My Bad Eating Habits

WHAT PHASE OF RECOVERY AM I IN? Look carefully at the phases of recovery and do your best to write about where you think you are right now, and why. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT Finding a connection with someone who has recovered and who is willing and able to help you in your journey is […] Read more

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Eating Disorders Statistics

Getting to âœRecovered❠is Not a Linear Process As we have already stated, recovery does not progress in a linear fashion, and you may find yourself taking two steps forward and then one step back and then one step forward and three back. You might make some progress, but then find yourself reverting back to […] Read more

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Types Of Eating Disorders

An important part of our philosophy, which also sends a huge message of hope to our clients, is our belief that you can be recovered. This means you can get over your eating disorder fully, not be in remission or managing it, but to a place where it is gone, out of your life forever. […] Read more

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Bad Eating Habits While Pregnant

EXPLORING PATIENCE How is patience or lack of patience affecting you at this point? What tends to make you impatient and what makes it easier for you to have patience? Who is someone you know who is very patient? What helps him or her with patience? Are there other people affecting your patience? How can […] Read more

Weight Loss Exercises While Sitting Down

Portion sizes are important. Keep them small, to the recommended size. Omelette Omelettes are simple and easy to do: 2 eggs 160kcal Small mixed salad 17kcal Total 177kcal Add other ingredients to make your omelette more interesting: Mushrooms, cheese or ham and add the additional calories to the total. Salads Easy to prepare, salads are […] Read more

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How To Lose Weight For Women

Easy lunch and evening meals If you work and you normally buy your lunch, you may find it difficult to keep within your calorie limits because you’re dealing with small numbers. The calories on some over-the-counter foods might be difficult to identify. To get round this you might decide it’s easier to prepare your lunch […] Read more

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How To Lose Weight For Men

Enjoy your slim healthy life Low Calorie Day menus Low Calorie Day total calorie allowance: 550 calories There are a couple of simple rules about Low Calorie days that will help you: 1. Always include protein in your breakfast meal. It takes longer to metabolize protein and this will make you feel less hungry. 2. […] Read more