BLUEBERRIES Diet Blueberries, bilberry and cranberry belong to the family Vaccinium. These berries contain a remarkable supply of antioxidants, more specifically phytonutrients or anthocyanins. These are in the blue-red pigment of the fruit. They promote a reduction of free radicals that can damage cell structure causing conditions such as heart disease, glaucoma and cataracts. Blueberries […] Read more

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BANANA For Lose Weight

BANANA For Lose Weight Bananas are big in carbohydrate value with a low 89 calorie value and only 0.3g of fat per 100g; therefore, you can eat them all day long and never put on weight. Due to the fact that bananas are mainly eaten raw, the full value of the potassium content (370mg, or […] Read more

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FIGS Will Help To Weight Loss

FIGS Will Help To Weight Loss Figs provide more minerals than dates, with a far lower GI index. Figs are the best fruit source of calcium (162mg; fresh figs 35mg). For a totally huge calcium treat, dip figs into tahini. Figs also provide an abundance of potassium (680mg) and this improves calcium balance; especially for […] Read more

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AVOCADO For Lose Weight

AVOCADO For Lose Weight The avocado is fruit from a tree that belongs to the Laurel family (Lauraceae), the Persea Americana. The Aztecs originally cultivated the avocado. Now there are numerous varieties throughout the world. The Hass and Fuerte are common varieties, plus the Gwen, Bacon, Pinkerton, Zutano and Reed. Avocados provide a small amount […] Read more

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PUMPKINS Can Help You Lose Weight

PUMPKINS Can Help You Lose Weight Pumpkins are related to the melon and marrow family, the Cucurbitaceae, all of which seem to spread themselves throughout home gardens and entire paddocks. For full flavour, the pumpkin flesh needs to be a bright orange and this also indicates a maximum supply of vitamin A and carotenoids (1600-7000 […] Read more

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POTATOES Can Help You Lose Weight

POTATOES Can Help You Lose Weight Potatoes are the greatest ‘down to earth’ food; apart from the nutrients, they seem to put you back in place, especially after a juice fast or a hectic day in the high rise office. However, this refers only to the full potato, not the pretty packet chips found in […] Read more

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APRICOTS For Lose Weight

APRICOTS For Lose Weight Apricots provide an excellent supply of carotene (2985 IU) with the majority in the form of beta carotene (1696mcg), beta cryptoxanthin (161mcg) and lutein and zeaxanthin (138mcg). Fresh and dried apricots are of great benefit for the respiratory system. Beta carotene protects the lungs and respiratory system from infections. Beta carotene […] Read more

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How to Lose Weight by Eating BEETROOT

How to Lose Weight by Eating BEETROOT Beetroot has been considered a nutritional food since the early Roman and Greek times for reduction of fevers and for the blood. Even though the iron content is only fair at 0.91mg, it is in a easily assimilated form due to the vitamin C plus the balance of […] Read more



CURRANTS DIET Currants are available as red, black or white. Blackcurrants are the most common and they provide the maximum vitamin C content with 155-215mg. White and red currants provide 41-81mg, dried currants provide only 3mg per 100g. The recommended dietary intake of vitamin C for adults is approx.30-40mg per day and during pregnancy 60mg […] Read more

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PARSNIPS Can Help You Lose Weight

PARSNIPS Can Help You Lose Weight Parsnips are the essential ingredient in pasties, but very few commercial pasties contain this distinctive flavoured starch vegetable. The parsnip is one of the underestimated vegetables: it may seem pale in appearance but it can pack a punch, nutritionally speaking. The potassium content (541mg) of parsnips exceeds the banana […] Read more