Haircuts for very short hair

Homemade Salt Clay Scrubs Skin and Hair Types Combining salt and clay offers the exfoliating and cleansing properties of salt and the drawing and tightening properties of clay. Haircuts for very short hair The drying effects of these substances can be balanced with the addition of emollients. Basic Salt Clay Scrub All/Oily 3 tablespoons clay […] Read more


Long haircuts styles

WHICH TYPE ARE YOU? The questionnaire opposite is designed to help you to assess your basic ratio of humoral factors. Long haircuts styles From this you can determine which diet, colours, exercise routines, crystals, oils and scents are most likely to suit you. By referring to the sections on which you score the most points, […] Read more


Cool men haircuts

Vata Vata types are known to be rather restless, cool people, who certainly notice the cold. Cool men haircuts When you have excess levels of vata, fear, depression and nervousness become quite marked, significant traits, and with repressed emotions comes a definite weakening of the immune system. However, by adopting the appropriate lifestyle, and making […] Read more


Kids short haircuts with bangs

LET YOUR HAIR DOWN If you have a slack jawline, avoid putting your hair up in a bun or chignon. Kids short haircuts with bangs No matter how sleek-looking, these are looks that are best suited for those with perfect profiles. Such styles can also make a thin face look even thinner – having some […] Read more


Very short haircuts black women

Homemade Herbal Deluxe Hair Pomade All/Dry/Light Hair Use 1 oz. dried burdock root (cut), 1 oz. dried comfrey root (cut), 1 oz. dried nettle root (cut), 2 oz. freshly dried calendula blossoms, 1 oz. freshly dried chamomile flowers 15 oz. cold pressed olive oil 3 oz. coconut oil 3 oz. shea butter 2 oz. beeswax […] Read more


Short curly afro haircuts for black women

TONICS FOR CONVALESCENCE Remember that even if your symptoms have gone, your body needs time to recover after an illness. Short curly afro haircuts for black women A tonic is extremely useful. Wild Oats and St John’s Wort support the nervous system, Vervain promotes relaxation and digestion, and Licorice restores the adrenal glands. Vitamin C […] Read more


Haircuts for long faces

DEFINING DISEASE We become ill when our energy is depleted or when we are out of harmony. Haircuts for long faces In fact the word âœdisease❠could be more accurately written “dis-easeâ, indicating that we are definitely not at ease, and for a disease to be cured it is not necessary to give it a […] Read more


Above the shoulder haircuts with side bangs for women

SALON SMOOTHIE For salon-styled hair, always divide your hair into manageable sections. The more you do, the better the result. Above the shoulder haircuts with side bangs for women Point the hairdryer downwards to close hair shafts, making hair look ultra-sleek.

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A fade haircut on white boy

Elder Flower Sage Lotion All/Oily Use the following freshly dried herbs: 2 tablespoons of elder flower, 2 tablespoons sage, A fade haircut on white boy 2 tablespoons yarrow; 16 oz. of water, 4 oz. of grapeseed oil, 4 oz. of canola oil, 1 teaspoon of borax, and 1/2 oz. of beeswax; optional: 30 drops of […] Read more