New haircuts for women

Homemade Comfrey, Mugwort and Nettle Hair Oil All/Dry/Fungal A soothing, nourishing oil for itchy, funky scalp. New haircuts for women The mugwort and nettle provide cleansing and an-tifungal action, while the comfrey root is reparative. 1 oz. freshly dried mugwort 1 oz. freshly dried nettle 1 oz. dried comfrey root 12 oz. cold pressed olive […] Read more


Long haircuts front and back

Homemade Peppermint Salt Scrub for All Skin Types For a stimulating and energizing treatment replace lavender essential oil with peppermint essential oil. Hot Lava Salt Scrub All For warming the body and increasing circulation replace lavender essential oil in the above recipe with 2 drops of cinnamon essential oil, Long haircuts front and back 2 […] Read more


Cool fade haircuts for white guys

Warm, calming or earthy essential oils are the most suitable for vata.These include camphor (which can be an irritant, Cool fade haircuts for white guys so do test yourself for sensitivity first), eucalyptus, ginger, sandalwood and jatamansi (a spikenard species from India). Ochre A warm, friendly and relaxing colour ochre is good at drawing the […] Read more


Haircuts for short hair

CHAMOMILE For Your Hair and Skin This pretty daisy is one of the better known herbs, possibly because it is so useful. Haircuts for short hair Use the fiowerheads alone in a tea or tincture to relax both the digestive function and those gut feelings that may sometimes disturb you. It makes a very suitable […] Read more


Long haircut styles for women

MARJORAM PASSION FLOWER ROSEMARY Origanum vulgare Passiflora incarnata, Maypop Rosmarinus officinalis For Your Hair and Skin There are many species of Marjoram, and they are used in potpourris and cooking. Medicinally, Long haircut styles for women Marjoram reduces depression and helps tackle nervous headaches. It contains volatile oils which are antispasmodic, making it useful when […] Read more


Little girl haircuts with bangs

RUTA SEPIA SILICA Ruta graveolens Sepia officinalis Silicea Ruta, or rue, is a much valued, highly attractive garden plant with blue-green leaves. Little girl haircuts with bangs It is also an ancient herbal remedy that has been often called the herb of grace. It acts particularly well on the joints, tendons, cartilages and periosteum (the […] Read more