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DAMIANA Turnera diffusa For Your Hair and Skin Damiana grows in South America and the West Indies. Good haircuts for girls with thick hair It was previously called Turnera aphrodisiaca and is a tonic to the nervous and reproductive systems. It is useful if the sexual function is impaired. It is taken as a remedy […] Read more


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Treating the Whole Person Some people are very robust and seldom become ill, others are over-sensitive and become run-down and sick after a slight chill or an emotional upset. Medium haircuts for little girls with bangs For some, the chest is the greatest weakness: winter colds quickly turn to bronchitis. With others digestion is the […] Read more


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CALIFORNIAN POPPY For Your Hair and Skin Eschscholzia californica The beautiful, delicate flowers last for one day and are then replaced by long pointed seed pods. Pretty haircuts for long straight hair The stunning hot orange, yellow and pinkish colours of the blooms might account for its French name, globe de soleil. Californian Poppy is […] Read more


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IPECAC Cephaelis ipecacuanha Ipecacuanha is a seemingly small, insignificant South American shrub. The remedy works mainly on the digestive and respiratory tracts, Black mens haircuts for curly hair and the most important symptom it treats is nausea, no matter what the ailment. Persistent nausea, not helped by vomiting. Coughs that are accompanied by feelings of […] Read more


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Hair Oils Sage (Salvia officinalis) oil has cleansing, astringent and invigorating properties, and a fresh, stimulating, camphorlike, mildly medicinal aroma. Use sage oil in skin splashes, hair products, acne and infected-skin preparations and massage balms and oils. Sandalwood (Santalum album) oil has an exotic, woody, sweet and subtle aroma. It has a weak odor intensity […] Read more


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CALENDULA Calendula officinalis Calendula has long been known to herbalists as a major first-aid remedy for injuries. Best short haircuts for women over It is prepared from the common marigold, and the simplest way to use it is as a cream. When combined with Hypericum it is known as Hypercal. Use this cream on all […] Read more


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Foot Hair Powders Foot powder helps absorb excess moisture to help prevent fungal infections, or to treat them when they do occur. The formulas offered here also have cleansing and deodorizing effects to help eliminate foot odor. Use foot powder as part of a remedial program for fungal conditions in conjunction with other appropriate foot […] Read more


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USING HERBS The herbs described on the following pages are a particularly useful group for helping tackle stress and various other common conditions. Cute bob haircuts with bangs Reading the notes and studying the pictures will help you decide which would be most beneficial for you and your garden. After all, they should also help […] Read more


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To Ease Constipation Make a decoction of Cramp Bark and Fennel as above, but add 1 tsp Licorice root. If the constipation is proving to be an unpleasant, Cool haircuts for curly hair women recurrent condition, 1 tsp Linseeds added daily to your breakfast cereal can be very helpful. The same amount can also be […] Read more