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Queen of Hungary’s Water with Dried Herbs You can use dried herbs to make Queen of Hungary’s Water in place of the fresh herbs, although I think the resulting product is less potent. To make with dried herb use 2 oz. of herb to 10 oz. of vinegar and proceed as above. Antimicrobial Astringent Acne/Infected/Oily […] Read more


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Polyunsaturated fat: A type of unsaturated fat that has more than one place where additional hydrogen atoms could be added. Psoriasis: A chronic inflammation of the skin, especially on the scalp and body, characterised by the development of red patches covered by white scales. Retinoic acid: A svnthetic form of vitamin A. Saturated fat: A […] Read more

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SARONG STYLE Take several styles of sarong, kaftan and cover-up on holiday with you. They are an easy way to conceal problem areas, as well as providing a degree of protection from the sun. DON’T FORGET THE SUPPORT Swimsuit shopping requires dedication as you’ll need to try on lots of different shapes and styles. If […] Read more

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Many people hold stress in the area between the brows and, in time, vertical stress lines will develop. When you feel your brow knit together with concentration or stress, take a moment to pinch the muscle here, working from the centre of the brow along the browline in each direction with a thumb and bent […] Read more