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RUTA SEPIA SILICA Ruta graveolens Sepia officinalis Silicea Ruta, or rue, is a much valued, highly attractive garden plant with blue-green leaves. Little girl haircuts with bangs It is also an ancient herbal remedy that has been often called the herb of grace. It acts particularly well on the joints, tendons, cartilages and periosteum (the […] Read more


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PASQUE FLOWER Anemone pulsatilla Wind Flower For example, if when stressed you start to feel depressed, then look for a stimulating herbal tonic such as Wild Oats. Rihanna short hair cuts If, however stress makes you feel anxious and you start developing symptoms such as palpitations, sweating and sleeplessness, then turn to those herbs that […] Read more

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CHRONIC DISEASES With so much battering from within and without, it may seem a wonder that we are not all permanently ill. Shadow fade haircut mohawk Of course, many people are. Although many of the acute infectious diseases of the past have ceased to be a serious problem, their places have now been taken by […] Read more


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Homemade Herbal Sea Salt Scrubs Skin and Hair Types By combining salt with dried herbs, various therapeutic effects can be produced. Long edgy haircuts for round faces These scrubs tend to have a crumbly consistency. Some beneficial herbs to use for making salt scrubs are comfrey leaf and root, calendula, sage, nettle, chamomile, rose blossoms, […] Read more


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Chamomile Blend Astringent All/Oily A soothing, anti-inflammatory astringent for all skin types. My students and I made this astringent in a class at the Green Nations Gathering, one of the popular annual herbal conferences in the Northeast. Long layered hair cut side bangs We passed the as- tringent around in a spritzer bottle and enjoyed […] Read more


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The Best Homemade Mixed Scrub This is a more complex recipe that combines the properties of clay, seeds, nuts, herbs and grains. Long hair cuts for little girls There is a lot of room to improvise, and it is not necessary to be exact in your measurements, since they serve only as basic guidelines. In […] Read more


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Basil Blend Astringent All/Oily A sweet-smelling, cleansing and invigorating astringent for all skin types. Combine the following freshly dried 16 oz. water herbs to equal a large handful (total 8 oz. 80 proof vodka ( or other 80 1 oz.): basil, thyme, fennel seeds proof liquor) (crushed with a mortar and pestle optional: 2 teaspoons […] Read more


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Comfrey Fenugreek Scrub (Small Batch) Use 3 teaspoons oats, 1 teaspoon barley, 2 teaspoons sunflower seeds, 1/2 teaspoon flax seeds, Popular womens haircuts 1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds, 1 teaspoon comfrey root powder, 2 teaspoons chamomile flowers and 3 tablespoons clay. Add comfrey aiong with the clay after all ingredients are ground as directed in Mixed […] Read more


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Queen of Hungary’s Water Normal/Oily My variation on an ancient toner formula and revived for contemporary times by Rosemary Gladstar. Short edgy curly hair cut This formula requires a 2-month period of steeping before it is ready, but once made will keep for many months outside refrigeration. Approximately a total of 3 oz. equal approximately […] Read more