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Medium Length Haircuts For Curly Hair

Bringing back what was lost hair Protein and deep conditioning treatments help rebuild or add moisture back into your hair. Understanding when your hair needs protein or conditioning is the key to maintaining healthy hair. But knowing which treatment to use, and when to use it, is crucial. The Facts: Protein treatments strengthen the hair. […] Read more

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Long Choppy Bob Hairstyles

The short-term use of silicones in hair products, such as conditioners, will make your hair look sleek and less frizzy, because they are designed to collect on damaged cuticles to keep them smooth and fill in fractures.16 Over time, however, they coat the hair shaft and seal out moisture, causing it to become frizzy and […] Read more

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Pictures Of Mohawk Hairstyles For Women 

Go natural hair styles It’s difficult not to get caught up in the paradox of believing that keratin treatments, products containing SLS, silicones and chemical treatments can help you achieve healthy hair, but how does this make sense? And who is really behind these outlandish claims anyway? The Facts: So many hair products today expose […] Read more

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Hair Cutting Shears 

The hair style council Styling products tend to be the lesser evil in the battle against our hair woes but are still considered damaging when used excessively. The Facts: Many types of mousse, hair sprays and gels contain alcohol or other agents that can be very drying. While there are some reformulated styling agents out […] Read more

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How To Get Beachy Wavy Hair 

Propylene glycol is found in most shampoos to give your shampoo its ‘glide’ and to maintain shelf life. It’s also the active compound in antifreeze,15 so just imagine what it could be doing to your hair! To overcome problems associated with shampoos, you could start following the ‘pooh pooh’ movement whereby shampoo is avoided altogether. […] Read more

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Ombre Hair Brown To Auburn 

Pooh pooh the hair shampoo? We are taught from an early age to shampoo our hair to keep it “squeaky” clean. However, shampooing may be causing more damage than we realise. The Facts: Most shampoos available contain harsh, drying concoctions that are extremely damaging to our hair by stripping it of its natural oils (sebum). […] Read more

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Images Of Medium Length Bobs

Swim hair protection Growing up it was easy to tell which kids attended regular swim classes or were serious swimmers. They either had green hair or hair so stiff it felt like cardboard. Without rinsing hair after a morning session with my swim coach, my hair would dry into stiffened ponytails that would feel and […] Read more

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Shoulder Length Bridal Hairstyles 

What’s in the water for your hair style? Showering using hard water, which has a high mineral content, can cause build-up on the hair shaft, leading to dull, lifeless and hard to brush hair. The Facts: There are several water contaminants that can cause hair to fall out or illnesses that contribute to hair loss. […] Read more

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How To Style Body Wave Perm 

Ingredients: Water Hair conditioner (approx. 1-2 tbsp) 2 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel Vi tsp MSM powder Mix all ingredients together in a spray bottle. Can be applied by simply spraying all over your hair or you can divide your hair into sections and spray it on. After re-wetting my hair I apply conditioner (along with […] Read more