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Upper Body Exercises

The Dangers of Altered States Psychologists say that high arousal often brings about altered states as the mind-body prepares itself to deal with a threat. Psyched-up athletes have reported strange sensations such as a form of tachypsychia, in which plays seem to happen in slow motion as the mind-body speeds up its metabolism and sometimes […] Read more

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Balancing Exercises For Athletes

Fear of Danger Some sports, such as boxing, football, and skiing, offer physical danger to the athlete, which trumps up a special kind of fear and anxiety perhaps closer to the natural age- old response of fight or flight, in which a person goes through numerous physiological changes in order to try to survive physically. […] Read more

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Exercise To Lose Body Fat

Turning Fear to Anger If we accept that an athlete’s pre-competition nervousness is a primitive mind-body reaction to challenge, then perhaps we should first look at its biological basis. As discussed in earlier chapters, nervousness is the mind-body’s way of readying us for possible physical harm. This primitive system has remained virtually the same for […] Read more

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The Complete Athlete 1-Year Workout Plan

Altering Your Chemistry I’m nervous if I’m in a big competition, but I tell myself that’s exactly what I want to feel. I tell myself it’s an excited nervousness. Olympic Champion Archer Jay Barrs Much of this blog is about the mind- body chemicals of athletes and how their hormones work for and against them, […] Read more

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Cardio Workouts For Athletes

Of all of the zone experiences he’s studied over the years, especially with pro ball players, Grand Prix race drivers, and world-class mountain climbers, Bruce Ogilvie says there is one thing in common: the athletes reported a state of focus so deep that they felt they were having an out-of-body experience where they lost track […] Read more

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Breathing Exercises For Athletes

Hanson was an amateur when he tossed the 878, but the following year he turned pro, joining a regional pro tour in the northwestern U.S. He found it hard to get back into the zone of that holiday evening. I just can’t get there again, he said in 1996. I guess I’m trying to concentrate […] Read more

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Workout Routines For Athletes

In a way, Dave Hanson’s night at the New Frontier Lanes in Tacoma, Washington, on December 23, 1991, was absurd. He bowled incredible consecutive scores of 278, 300, and 300 while running around the bowling alley doing his nightly chores as an employee. Shouldn’t it be hard enough to knock down 878 out of a […] Read more

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Athletes Acceleration Strength

Often they use the rituals to get themselves centered before the event, such as putting their equipment on the same way every time, or listening to their favorite music. Rice’s diligence to detail before the game is done to carry over into the action, according to Joel Kirsch, PhD, a former sport psychologist and now […] Read more

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Female Celebrity Workout Routines

Getting Game Day Under Control On the day of competition, some athletes need to focus imagery around one aspect mat could make the difference. In the 1950s, American hurdler Harrison Dillard, winner of four Olympic gold medals, would concentrate before the race on the steps he would make to leap over each hurdle in order […] Read more