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Athletic Workout Routines Men

The World’s Fastest Man The elite sports world can transform gentlemanly performers into nasty warriors, Varda Burstyn says. It’s hard for a gentleman to survive in the sports’ world because of what he has to do to himself to become the best. It’s not impossible, but it’s difficult. To get to the top, you have […] Read more

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Exercises For Athletes

The Professional Incubator As he grew physically, psychologically and emotionally in the highly competitive sports world, Michael Jordan changed. He admitted in 1996 that playoff wars against the rough-and-tumble Detroit Pistons, who beat the Bulls for two championships in 1988-90, turned him into a killer. The Pistons taught me a hard lesson. They changed the […] Read more

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Athletic Training Workouts

Ego Satisfaction Remember William J. Beausay’s quote: Our greatest need is to satisfy our egos. Many top athletes are constantly defending their egos and reputations, said Dan O’Brien, the 1996 Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon who admits that in races he often ran out of fear of losing not necessarily the race, but his […] Read more

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Celebrity Workout Routines

Need for Attention, Love, and Support Many Olympic and professional athletes are searching for indiscriminate love and acceptance, Brooks Johnson adds. Of American runner Mary Decker-Slaney, Johnson said, Mary Slaney has a desperate need for love and support. These people are performing for the fans and from acceptance from them. All the great ones are […] Read more

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Athletic Workout Program

Driven By Insecurity Many psychologists say high achievers are driven by their insecurities, but that isn’t necessarily a bad or unhealthy thing to a goal-oriented athlete, according to Dan Landers, a sports researcher at Arizona State University. You need to create a bogeyman in your mind, a self-doubt that makes you work harder to overcome […] Read more

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Athletes Top Workouts

The Intense Psychological Needs of Top Athletes It isn’t the money. It’s the hunger, the desire, and it’s hard to turn it off. It’s about pride, and it’s about ego. Chris Evert, who used her pride and ego to become the world’s number 1 female tennis player 5 times and win 18 Grand Slam titles. […] Read more

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Ultimate Athlete Workout

Environmental Influence Some people call the influence of environment on a person’s personality makeup social or cultural programming. In our Western culture, with its achievement orientation, there’s a strong sense of the need to become number one. In other cultures, being at the top is not nearly as important. India has one of the world’s […] Read more

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Whole Body Vibration Exercises

Genetic Influence Part of the drive may stem from a restlessness in childhood with a young athlete having an unusual amount of natural energy and needing to find an outlet for it. Even as a toddler, hockey star Eric Lindros was a growing concern, walking on his own at seven-and-a-half months old, according to his […] Read more

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Train Like An Athlete

The Need to Win Bruce Ogilvie says with many athletes winning becomes an absolute obsession. In four decades of following sports, much of it as a psychologist, he’s seen some explosive performances. One of the biggest motivators, he says, is when an athlete is on the verge of a dream, like winning the Stanley Cup […] Read more