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Scents for Men Homemade

The aromas most associated with the masculine are woody, spicy and fresh green scents. The essential oils that men are typically drawn to are bay, black pepper, cedarwood, fir, mint, rosemary, sage and sandalwood. Keep in mind that fruit and floral scents can be added in small quantities to produce a multitude of pleasing aromas. […] Read more


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THE ORIGINS OF AYURVEDA The origins of Ayurveda are uncertain. It is recounted that thousands of years ago, men of wisdom or rishis (meaning seers) as they are known in India, were saddened by the suffering of humanity.They knew that ill health and short lives allowed man little time to consider his spirituality and to […] Read more


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HERBS AND SPICES Asafoetida (hing), black or Indian pepper chilli pepper coriander leaves (cilantro), dry ginger garlic, Long bob haircuts ombre horseradish, mint leaves, mustard, parsley or any other hot spices. MEAT AND FISH Eggs, freshwater fish, turkey, rabbit, shrimps and venison. COOKING OILS Corn, almond or sunflower oil may be used in small quantities. […] Read more