Haircuts for curly hair

Aconitum napellus Symptoms appear suddenly and violently, often at night. They may appear after catching a chill or after a fright. Fear or extreme anxiety may accompany symptoms. An important remedy for high fevers with extreme thirst and sweat. Major remedy for violent, dry croupy coughs. It is most effective when used at the beginning […] Read more


Little girl bob haircuts

YOUR BODY TYPE This section clearly outlines how you can identify your dosha or body type. Dosha means that which tends to go out of balance easily.❠Your dosha is in fact your bio-type or prakruti (âœnatureâ). You are made up of a mixture of the five elements – ether wind, fire, water and earth, […] Read more


Cool haircuts for women

Basic Hair Equipment 2-quart cooking pot to use for hot-water baths when melting ingredients. Blender and/or food processor (preferably with whipping cream attachment), or mixer for whipping creams. You can use the blender and the food processor interchangeably, although I prefer the food processor for making purees. You can also use either a blender or […] Read more