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Haircuts 2017 long hair

When I was a child, I used to accompany my mum while she did treatments in beauty salons. I noticed the difference before and after a face treatment, and I became intrigued by it. It was then that I had my first contact with the brand Gatineau. My mother was getting the Hormomasque treatment done […] Read more

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Makeup for ice blue dress

Founded by Madame Jeanne Gatineau in 1932, Gatineau was one of the first skincare brands to develop exofliants and slimming creams, and also one of the first to discover the benefits of various antioxidants such as green tea and other vitamins. Gatineau, expert of face anti-aging cares, celebrates its 84 years of expertise, professionalism and […] Read more

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Black hairstyles of the 30’s

WOUNDS AND SCARS On top of reducing inflammation, Althaea officinalis is also very effective in curing wounds and preventing or lightening scars. It works by increasing the immunity of the skin cells due to its potent anti-oxidants. BATTLING ACNE The abundance of Lauric Acid present in the leaves and barks of Marshmallow aids in battling […] Read more

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How to makeup with your wife

Commonly known as Marshmallow, Althaea officinalis is an herb found in Europe, Westsern Asia and North Africa. It contains many medicinal properties and has been used for many centuries to aid in skin health. Today, it is used in cosmetics for its soothing, moistening, and calming properties on the skin. IT GUARDS THE SKIN Althaea […] Read more

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Eye makeup night out

LET IT HEAL NATURALLY Don’t use hydrogen peroxide too frequently as it can cause continual irritation and slow the healing process. And don’t pick at scabs. âœScabs are nature’s biologic dressing,❠Krant says. âœPicking off a scab repeatedly when a wound is trying to heal will slow healing and increase scarring. ❠BE PATIENT Healing […] Read more

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Makeup for idiots

According GLOBAL MARKET RESEARCH 2016, in turnover, Cambodia is the 74th largest market globally and the 19th largest within Asia (Pacific). Especially, the beauty business in the Kingdom is growing rapidly as incomes are rising, the middle-class is growing and about 74 per cent of Cambodia’s population was younger than 34 years old in 2011. […] Read more

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Top 50 makeup

DON’T BE A STAR Whether your exit strategy is to sell your salon, leave it to your children, or slowly pass it on to your staff; it is important for you to build an independent business that has value in and of itself. The biggest mistake made by salon owners is to develop a business […] Read more


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BE SAVVY ABOUT YOUR PRICES One of the most common misconceptions of the Salon Industry is that if salons raise their prices, they might scare new clients away. While this is normally true in most industries, savvy salon owners have realised that higher prices on their services menu allows them to provide more attractive discounts […] Read more